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wolf200 writes...
at 4:49:42pm on 1/25/08
omg!!! u have balmung as ur avi!!!
i love .hack!!!
Naraku no Hana writes...
at 1:30:06pm on 1/12/08
nice avatar!
David Bowie writes...
at 8:36:08pm on 1/1/08
Who am I to say who any of us truly are, even myself?
MORMONATOR writes...
at 9:21:24pm on 11/5/07
i Always pwn noobs
Im A lvl 35 Commander
MORMONATOR writes...
at 10:49:50pm on 11/4/07
sup man
Mitchtyler writes...
at 12:32:06pm on 11/4/07
There's a stupid glitch, i played trisection for some reason
GenisSage123 writes...
at 2:27:32am on 10/25/07
I was about to say. "You forgot me? ;o;"
<< Uh..anyway.. I'm good, thanks> :D
And yourself?
smalls_987pena writes...
at 8:36:20pm on 10/21/07
get me token 3 and here's token 27 Get at least 300 misses while having 10 or less boos on Tension to unlock Liquid Moon
now its ur turn
FreezinIce writes...
at 12:01:58am on 10/21/07
150 credits please :P
smalls_987pena writes...
at 7:44:03pm on 10/20/07
hey if i help you can u help me?
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