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OT 13. D4
Posted on: July 1, 2020, at 01:50:31am   [2 comments]
Round 1 - SAIKOU

Tournament after insomnia is draining. Thank god that we have got a week long. Hopefully 2g SDG is good for the first round.

Update: Should be good with a Booflag now.
Update 2: Got the AAA done after a few more tries with no insomnia the previous night. :)

SAIKOU (03-07-2020) 858-0-0-0-0


(08-07-2020) I don't know if I want to farm and improve my score, the rolls section messed me up. I can't do rolls nor trills. lol

INSERT COIN (08-07-2020) 877-8-0-0-1


Round 3 - Pizza Hat

(15-07-2020) Had a look of the chart, it looks easier than INSERT COIN, just needs consistency.

Updated: Ya, easier than INSERT COIN, fk that chart. Almost SDG this first try. Don't know if I want to farm it, feeling like a trainwack right now so I will see. Seems pretty safe as top 24.

Pizza Hat (15-07-2020) 1785-9-1-0-1


Round 4 - Breakout [heavy]

(22-07-2020) Played it a few times, the rolls aren't nearly as bad to hit compare to INSERT COIN, but needs to be able to hit them consistently. The middle part is tricky, got me quite a few goods. I kind of like the song.

I feel I can get a SDG if I try this enough. I will see if I want to grind it when more scores got submitted.

Breakout [heavy] (22-07-2020) 1511-16-0-1-3


I literally can’t do anything during hot days, let alone grinding any scores lol. To be updated.

Comment wall
danredge writes...
at 6:37:13am on 7/7/20
Ahhh ok, probably a hardware limitation, all good then n_n good luck in the OT
danredge writes...
at 7:39:39pm on 7/6/20
Hey for better accuraccy u can try to disable v-sync in the setting or by changing the fps to 59 to avoid using v-sync n_n give it a try.
Synthlight writes...
at 10:39:48am on 5/4/19
First person to post on your wall.