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CarrotCake94 writes at 11:03:13am on 11/4/15
Ahhh. Makes sense. Actually, the same happened to me when I was doing computing science. Programming was best left as a hobby for me, and I almost lost interest because of that.
I hope you find what you want to do ^w^
CarrotCake94 writes at 11:28:02am on 10/12/15
Hey there! XD I just noticed your thread for 3D Animation in the homework thread. How's that going for you?
I'm almost finished my program for 3D Modeling for Animation and Games, and I've been interested in Animation for a while now.
ShadowDueler97 writes at 6:52:43am on 12/26/14
Thanks for the vote!
bmah writes at 6:41:06pm on 12/3/14
That's more or less passe. As far as activity is concerned, 2013 was my last main bout. I just assist on occasion now.
bmah writes at 10:39:29pm on 12/2/14
Just living life the best I can while still being on FFR, though certainly not as prominent as I used to be. It's not living the dream, but maybe that'll come later.
bmah writes at 6:11:06pm on 12/26/12
Well it looks like you got on your main account now. Congrats!
oody453 writes at 12:56:19pm on 7/4/12
love the profile picture.mario rocks!!!
NocturneAunamic writes at 1:38:18pm on 6/12/12
lol diggin the Matrix theme ya got going on there.
RuGuru writes at 12:11:12pm on 6/9/12
995 x 3000 pixels. You can make the profile as long as you want though.
Zyphoror writes at 9:52:50am on 6/9/12
RuGuru :P she makes amazing profiles. 100k is her asking price.