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My world: Pokémon and Digimon run wild just waiting to get caught. Card duels and Bakugan brawls are a common sight. Vocaloid has taken over the music industry and spread their music all across the globe. Seven magic balls are scattered around that will grant a wish when brought together. One can join a guild and use magic to their hearts content. A certain guild filled with fairies contain three legendary dragon slayers. Storm Riders rule the city streets with their air treks at night. A headless rider is also seen riding in the streets with an unusual black motorcycle. There is a special notebook that is rumored to bring death to the person whose name is written in it. Soul reapers protect us from hollow attacks. A key decides the fate of two worlds. Ninja live in hidden villages. Tailed beasts hold unimaginable power. Pirates search the seas for the ultimate treasure. A straw hat boy dreams of becoming king of the pirates. Alchemy is a common practice mostly used for war. Two brothers are searching for a way to become normal again. A vampire slayer can kill with her blood alone. The way of the samurai isn't dead just yet. No matter what the job is, one man is known to take them. Online games take you straight into The World. Bounty hunters travel through space just trying to make ends meat. The boundry of living in space and underground has been broken. A battle was fought with mechs shaped like giant faces. Aliens, yokai, and time travelers roam around freely. A rumored god feels melancholy. Schools have a variety of students ranging from vampires to super fighters and everything in between. One school has been overrun by "them." A female band of five have become quite famous. The occult is indeed real. Sports are played with athletes that have special abilities and techniques. Students dream of becoming famous mangaka. Some wars are fought with human controlled robots while others use them to ride the air waves. A magical eye was used to join two disputing
Anime top 10: Bleach, Fairy Tail, Code Geass, Gurren Lagann, FMA:Brotherhood, Bakuman., Eureka Seven, Durarara!, Time of Eve, Shinryaku! Ika Musume
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Summer Wars
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rank:2,640 Total:1,888,916,310 year:1.51 the way i see it, when your rank meets up with your plays determines your true final rank...i think i could have done better...

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