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<font='32'>my name is kikyo i am a preistess this is my new look don't like it then that's a shame.heh i'm an accquiantance of Dencoken but everyone just found out isn't it lovely.*giggles* in real life i love videogames couldn't live without them, i have black hair,brown and green eyes(dont ask),i'm 14 and my name is Ashley Ann Seeger , im playful at times and there's one boy i love with all my heart but i'll never have the chance to be with him but he's always there for me :]♥♥ wanna talk with add me then www.myspace.com/darkthemysteriousemo , smileyface_as@hotmail.com and kikio104 is my AIM
(i'm actually better off being on the darkside let's just say i fit in that place of mannor) hmmmm let's see videogames,books(a.k.a. book worm)Chris<3♥(my boyfriend) and i stakeboard,play the gutiar,clarinet and piano(and no i'm not asian) And also as you people can tell i love to role play(haha it's so much fun)
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techno,screamo, anything with a up beat tempo ----------------------------- AFI bullet for my valentine, billy talent,mindless self indulgence,evanesence,atreyu,misfits,my chemical romance(somewhat), all shall perish,and that's all i can think of right now*giggles*
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Dirty Dancing Twister Save the last dance The nightmare before christmas The Corpes Bride
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Posted on: January 5, 2007, at 06:30:40pm   [0 comments]

Signs like that only show the true meaning of a reall ,true and honest friendship. we'll always be friends i know we will ^^♥☻☺ nothing can split us apart from be friends.☺

xox*Ashleyyy& ;&Kainnn=BFF♥* xox

:] happy thoughts in random
Posted on: January 4, 2007, at 10:41:20am   [0 comments]
One sweet gentle voice
going through my head
and thinking is this the right time?
loving caring and much much more
what does it mean
is our friendship alittle bit more?
does love really makes things so confussing?
what does it mean when he's always on your mind...
always thinking will i get a that chance that i long wait for
when love like this is so sweet and tender take the chance for your true love will meet with you :]♥♥

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inuyasha104 writes...
at 7:51:47pm on 8/3/09
hotsierra4you writes...
at 4:18:30pm on 8/30/07
dude i love ur hair
lol just thought i would tell u lol
eeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmooo writes...
at 12:18:07am on 8/30/07
zero75689 writes...
at 2:32:02pm on 8/13/07
xXx_MUsHROoMS_xXx writes...
at 6:22:35am on 7/15/07
JUsT_-Ch3CK1Ng-_Ur SC0r3s///G-.-J By thE[wAy]

Blur3[ThE TEchN1CoL0r] :)..6-6-6..-6_Son
darkness87 writes...
at 5:59:27pm on 7/10/07
woh ur hair is awesome
my hair...not so much
im still growing it out my hair
u seem cool
add me
Kiali writes...
at 9:18:34pm on 6/30/07
hey kikyo-chan! just wanted to say hi! hope i get to talk to you soon
crackhead1212 writes...
at 12:15:16am on 6/26/07
hey i felt like commenting you i haven't seen you in what feels like and i think 8 months. its good to be able to see all my friends on here again
15962773 writes...
at 11:09:29am on 6/19/07
i like your profile i vote yes :)
sammyo7 writes...
at 6:51:25am on 4/20/07
nice avatar
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