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Posted on: January 6, 2011, at 06:28:13pm   [0 comments]
First time posting a rand thought? Wow. Regardless, rather bored. No, NOT fushigi. Thank you.

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Scythe_Bomber writes at 1:49:03pm on 12/8/18
Apparently I never gave your profile a thumb-up before now. #Rectified.
Myimmortal19 writes at 9:10:05pm on 10/25/16
Long time no see, hope you're doing great!
CDCan writes at 6:51:50pm on 5/16/16
Scythe_Bomber writes at 9:13:59pm on 12/19/12
Ahhh, so you apparently still use FFR! Gotta ask, is any of the old crew still around?
CAFK writes at 6:29:49pm on 11/22/12
not mucho besides a new job and working on moving. How is everything? still into LoL :p?
CAFK writes at 1:16:05am on 10/27/12
Karuuuuu. Waddap
CammyGoesRawr writes at 9:19:17pm on 3/8/12
I wouldn't quite say i'm cool xD Green eggs and ham are cool. Sounds like some good shit, its green ;D
Go_Oilers_Go writes at 12:16:18am on 2/5/12
Nice old account.
Scythe_Bomber writes at 3:15:32am on 10/7/11
Hello there! It's been far too long, how are you doing lately? It's been a long time but I felt I should write to some of the people forever-imprinted in my mind from FFR. I'm sure you've still got a great fashion sense like you did in VC. Take care!
ELRayford writes at 8:40:30am on 11/23/10