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Im one of the insane trio, no really this is just my main file that i started this game on. If you still don't know who this is, then u don't even wanna chaeck out my other two files; being the first to ppl i hav eon my friends list. otherwise, who knows, im just typing to waste time. look at another file to know about me...too lazy to retype it here.
look at another file, preferably alucard cause i put it all up there by accident
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Posted on: December 6, 2008, at 12:49:49pm   [0 comments]

The G.O.D. of XBL
Posted on: February 11, 2008, at 07:43:18am   [0 comments]
Idk about the rest of the ppl that play xbl, but i think im one of the best. y u ask. cause out of every new game i get, not only do i learn how to play within 30min without lokin at the directions, but i end of beating at least 5 ppl that try to claim themselves as the best. So heres my challenge, if u have xbl, comment me and give me a challenge for an online game and ill accept it, as long as its nuthin gay like viva la pinata

I wanna be a member!!!!
Posted on: February 11, 2008, at 07:38:37am   [0 comments]
as long as ive been playin this game, i have yet been given the opportunity to become an actual member. y is that? i wanna membership so i can post and make my own designs for my file....oh well

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#Number writes...
at 10:56:17am on 2/4/09
the price is winning credits. credits can be used in forums to buy ffr merch and subscriptions.
#Number writes...
at 10:50:49am on 2/4/09
the credits thing is a lottery, people send in credits to one of my accounts and at a certain time my name generator calculator picks 2 people to win. 1st price wins 75% of the pot. 2nd wins 20% of the pot. i get 5% of the pot. the pot is all the credits in all the user sent to me for the lottery.
Kasu_404 writes...
at 2:45:27pm on 1/18/09
thanks u too
and yes, konata is really cool, konata rulz
Kasu_404 writes...
at 1:48:24pm on 1/18/09
Hi hii!
Thanks for the vote =D
Cool background of alucard *o*
passivegirl writes...
at 5:45:35am on 1/18/09
Thanks for the thumbs up.
xoxolaylaxoxo writes...
at 6:09:21am on 1/15/09
awww well be sure to not overwork yourself
have an awesome day :)
xoxolaylaxoxo writes...
at 8:08:18am on 1/11/09
pshh i never get paid for anything lol
howz you?!
frankiesmithra24 writes...
at 10:29:53am on 12/22/08
Oh yeah. Forgot about that. I didn't even notice they took that away.
frankiesmithra24 writes...
at 5:41:04pm on 12/19/08
funmonkey54 writes...
at 1:41:31am on 12/19/08
There are a LOT of people working on the site. But the budget for the site is limited and basic upkeep for this site takes a ridiculous amount of work. Also, there is a small detail in coding causing this, making it infinitely harder to fix.
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