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About me:
My name is Jair!! I live in NY!!! And i love anime!!!! And Music Is My LIFE!!!!! :P
I like Anime Show's Like Naruto,Inuasha,Blood puls,Air gear,DBZ,Wild arms,FF7 the show and a lot more..
Fav Music:
I like rock and rap.I like the Killers and linkin park and more..
Fav Movies:
Naruto movies 1,2,3 Storm rider's. The FF7 Movie.
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Emithith writes at 10:26:19am on 7/9/12
Not bad, but try to smooth out the loop in the bg. Don't forget you can adjust my template to get exact measurements for your bg as well..
emo1555 writes at 12:58:59pm on 12/12/11
cool profile :)
Sammy_Hammy writes at 7:06:54pm on 4/14/11
Happy Belated Birthday!(:
Sammy_Hammy writes at 5:01:06pm on 4/7/11
how are you?
Sammy_Hammy writes at 4:15:12pm on 4/7/11
DiscoMio writes at 12:06:14am on 12/10/10
thx for the vote
ChibiCheetahgirl writes at 8:31:52pm on 12/18/09
hiya!!!! (^.^)
hurricaneheistess777 writes at 3:29:21pm on 9/4/09
Kasu_404 writes at 5:17:19pm on 6/29/09
nice profile
cool header :]
hurricaneheistess777 writes at 11:50:14am on 6/27/09
Lol that's what ppl do on here.