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xxthahappiemoxx writes...
at 11:44:43pm on 2/22/08
so....we still hate each other? or have we moved on to the pretending we dont exist? cuz im getting pretty tired of the whole ordeal....
ai.tenshi.ongaku.baby. writes...
at 5:01:22pm on 9/7/07
nvm... i don't have it on tape... it really sucks... oh well, i did an impression for you during lunch
ai.tenshi.ongaku.baby. writes...
at 9:59:22pm on 9/6/07
oh. and before i forget. you know that quote from axel "got it memorized?" or whatever? well i got that on the vidcam by the actor. i'll show it to you some time
ai.tenshi.ongaku.baby. writes...
at 9:49:40pm on 9/6/07
my brother saw you playing today. said something about mrs. gregory not wanting you to break her keys. lol
ai.tenshi.ongaku.baby. writes...
at 9:12:47pm on 8/23/07
You got smooth moves dude. :) (i saw you at main event... ddr)
Juliefacegoesrawr writes...
at 2:34:49am on 8/14/07
I posted the picture. :D
ai.tenshi.ongaku.baby. writes...
at 12:37:49pm on 8/4/07
aw. poor ryan. your there for your camp thing right? are you having fun? i'm at my cousin's in abilene
ai.tenshi.ongaku.baby. writes...
at 11:23:56pm on 8/3/07
are you going? i just wanna know cuz i had to turn him down. it would suck if he had to go alone
ai.tenshi.ongaku.baby. writes...
at 10:42:20pm on 8/3/07
gee thanx. did ryan you call about s. padre?
ai.tenshi.ongaku.baby. writes...
at 12:37:42pm on 8/3/07
lol. you've made ur point. aren't my cat ears so cute tho? =^_^=
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