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I draw anime.
Anime basically.
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I don't have one.
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I don't have one.
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Good bye FFR!
Posted on: January 1, 2014, at 11:38:53pm   [0 comments]
You are now dead to me! Good bye forever!

My Skill Rankings/Divisions for drawing anime
Posted on: June 23, 2011, at 11:38:25pm   [3 comments]
Beginner Division:
Beginner (1)
Novice A (2)
Novice B (3)
Novice C (4)

Pre-Intermediate Division:
Pre-Artist (5)
Single Artist (6-7)
Double-cross Artist (8)
Triple-threat Artist (9)

Intermediate Division:
Good Artist (10)
Great Artist (11)
Half Artist (12)

Advanced Division:
Special Artist (13)
Near Artist (14)

Master Division:
Artist (15-19)
Guru (20-24)
Saint/God (25)

My Anime Drawing Status
Posted on: July 5, 2007, at 01:36:34pm   [0 comments]
Woot! I'm now ranked a great artist now!

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ULTIMEGA writes...
at 12:10:25am on 9/15/11
ULTIMEGA writes...
at 7:50:46pm on 8/24/11
Love the avatar.
DarknessXoXLight writes...
at 2:46:28pm on 6/25/11
Hehu! Draw me! :)
igotrhythm writes...
at 1:19:31pm on 6/25/11
Oh, softcore stuff. Haha. Well played indeed.
igotrhythm writes...
at 9:05:04pm on 6/24/11
Forums are down, so...
Apparently you draw hentai. Might I inquire as to what kind?
BeatofIke writes...
at 12:12:30am on 6/24/11
Hi ^_^
idrawanime writes...
at 11:41:59pm on 6/23/11
idrawanime returns.
idrawanime writes...
at 1:48:25pm on 12/15/06
my very first comment!!!
Synthlight writes...
at 5:58:00pm on 10/9/06
First person to post on your wall.