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Im corey L. Boren, I am quite friendly to anyone who wants to talk to me.I enjoy FFR and Stepmania equally both. I play other games as well, Halo , call of duty, mass effect, guitar hero (retired,5 star all songs on expert) I go out and enjoy life as well , I like writing , I don't mind reading here and there. I might go to college (still thinking about it, if I am then it will be internet security specialist) If you have any questions or just want to chat, just leave a comment or message me!
Life :P
Fav Music:
Rock , metal , power metal , Techno , trance , Nightcore , Drumstep , Dubstep , 8-bit , Old school rap/hip hop. On a rare occasion , country is ok.
Fav Movies:
TED The movie :P
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HikamitheSoulReaper writes at 2:33:50am on 7/12/13
hey~!!!! >w<
purity_angel writes at 9:00:19pm on 3/12/13
Damn stop making your profile look sexier than mine :(
emo1555 writes at 5:14:35pm on 2/18/13
awww wow corey that was so sweet and nice. hope you are on here more so we can play im back on my computer so we can play alot better now. and ill always be around for you. you are one of my closes ffr buddies and prob always will be.
Slushpuppiex33 writes at 1:34:59pm on 1/27/13
How've you been?
Slushpuppiex33 writes at 12:36:40am on 11/10/12
emo1555 writes at 12:47:17pm on 10/24/12
hy sorry havnt been on skype ,my computer got fried how are you
V-Ormix writes at 10:32:55am on 9/25/12
yeah mostly on weekends if I am at my dads (he has windows xp)
numnum123 writes at 1:28:37pm on 9/7/12
i will pwn u writes at 8:34:49pm on 9/1/12
whats up kid? how ya been?
emo1555 writes at 5:09:05pm on 7/22/12
omg rele lol thats great, about time you come back lol :D