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B0WB0W writes...
at 2:19:22am on 1/7/15
heyy its dollphenfreek i lost my account and made this one :)
Slushpuppiex33 writes...
at 5:31:14pm on 5/19/13
Haha, that's alright.
Better late than never, right?
Slushpuppiex33 writes...
at 4:12:30pm on 11/18/12
Much thanks for your vote.
xJulieNoodlex writes...
at 3:54:55pm on 10/31/12
awe thank you (:
icontrolyourworld writes...
at 7:53:16pm on 10/3/12
xxburriedaly06xx writes...
at 3:49:14pm on 9/23/12
found it lol i need to save it though
xxburriedaly06xx writes...
at 3:47:35pm on 9/23/12
hey what do i type in the location for adobe flash said i had to re open
Nk-u Nes writes...
at 5:12:21pm on 7/10/12
Yes !
kairi50 writes...
at 8:56:21pm on 1/29/12
Ohh no prob! :) and thx!
Sprite- writes...
at 6:47:33pm on 1/8/12
Second person to post on your wall.

Synthlight writes...
at 6:47:33pm on 1/8/12
First person to post on your wall.