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I love vampires, and horses. I am also in high school. I go to South Lake High School. I have a 3.8 grade point average. I am not a big social person but if i want to talk i will. i am proud 2 say that i hav had a bf 4 ova 3 months now. what i look fr in a guy is some that can make me laugh, will be there for me when i need him the most...which i found the right 1 that does that...LUV U JERR BEAR!!! R.I.P Jeremy you will always have my heart no matter where you are. I love you
my iterests would b 2 finally c my bf again and talk 2 him...i miss him soooo much...i wish he would come back 2 me.
Fav Music:
i hate 2 say it but i luv country music and others 2 but it is wat i grew up w/ so its wat im use 2...jerr bear i knw u dnt like it but u will get use 2 it after a while...i will still listen 2 ur type of music but i cnt get rid of my country girl in me...i guess thats just the only fault that i hav.
Fav Movies:
my fav movie is Twilight cuz the relationship between edward and bella reminds me of my relationship.
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Lay All Your Love On Me----Mamma Mia
Posted on: January 15, 2009, at 09:41:26pm   [0 comments]

Honey-Honey-----Mamma Mia
Posted on: January 15, 2009, at 09:34:13pm   [0 comments]

WHICH TEAM R U 4????????????????
Posted on: December 29, 2008, at 02:09:26pm   [22 comments]

Edward and Bella


Jasper and Alice

Emmett and Rosalie

Dr. Cullen and Esme

Comment on which team u like the most or r 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on: December 24, 2008, at 08:14:56pm   [16 comments]
do u believe in ghosts?

well if u do then u should beleive my story. i hav seen more than i hav wanted 2 since i found out that i could c them. i hav seen good 1s......i hav seen scared 1s......i hav seen curious 1s.........i hav also seen 2 evil ghosts that hav attacked me. i am learning how 2 deal w/ this gift that i hav. yes i am calling it a gift cause that is wat it is. how many ppl do u knw that can c ghosts. not many. and if u r 1 of those ppl then dont b afraid 2 post a comment on my page bout it.

Edward and Bella's song
Posted on: December 22, 2008, at 12:32:01pm   [2 comments]

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at 4:15:14pm on 3/14/11
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at 5:18:54pm on 1/2/11
Its a long story...there was stuff...and accident...and blood..and yea...can we not talk about it? :(
kim2302 writes...
at 11:19:08pm on 1/1/11
long ago...
kim2302 writes...
at 11:09:43am on 12/30/10
*sighs* he...died okay?
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Its...a long story..
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at 8:57:59pm on 12/16/10
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um....im ok
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at 12:57:06pm on 11/23/10
Tired, death, funeral, bored, trouble, brain farts, twilight movies, Harry potter, avatar, music, ffr back, tired, writing, class
**rockstar** writes...
at 5:40:57pm on 11/15/10
Jessica!! :D
Redx98 writes...
at 4:35:40pm on 11/13/10
Your avatar pic is the one im talking about
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