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Location:Raleigh but iam from california, North Carolina, USA
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hi im tiffany cifers ™, I love to party and live life to its fullest. I love my friends, but hate my school. I'm so ready to get out, and go to Broughton! When I first meet you, I'm very shy..but once I get to know you, I get willlld and crrrrazy. I live for Atlantic Beach everyyyy summer. talk to mehh, :)
well shopping who doesn't like that,Talking to friends on the phone,i love to party and I party it up he he <3, And I cant forget boys.and i love to cheer its my life if thats the only thing i could do ever i would lol :) and if u wanna know more about me just ask mkay :)
Fav Music:
Uh metro station is my new favorite band.i like lannia lewis bleeding love its really good if u haven't heard it u should listen to i promise u will loves it.and I'm a big fan of hello goodbye i love that song touchdown turnaround song! it awesome.
Fav Movies:
Um I don't know but I like the show sex in the city and I wanna go see the movie,Oh I like the movie prom night its really scary.and I really like the movie legally blond its really funny and entertaining as hell,i hate really scary movies!! :) because I scream really load and people laugh at me! lol mostly my friends
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For the hater
Posted on: May 4, 2008, at 04:58:11pm   [1 comment]
I really dont care if u talk shit about me idc if u lie about me ethier the more u hate me the more famous i get cuz haters make me famous

Hey guys
Posted on: May 4, 2008, at 03:34:45pm   [0 comments]
I don't know who's this bleach person is or care who they r some weirdo just message me and said i was her but I'm not so yeah and seriously that chick needs to get a life or something i just made this and i don't want drama so yeah :)

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at 1:38:47pm on 3/7/14
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at 6:21:31pm on 6/18/09
hot pics is that u cuse if it is u look HOT!!
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at 4:45:23pm on 3/9/09
shellykewster_247 writes...
at 6:45:21pm on 9/8/08
I liv in raleigh 2!
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at 9:12:05pm on 8/10/08
cute pics :D
Seefu Sefirosu writes...
at 9:52:41pm on 7/10/08
Are you joking? I will never understand people who vacation in AB. I live in Newport... seriously, the "Crystal Coast" is NOTHING special.
DanceTylerDance_dgd writes...
at 9:47:16pm on 6/16/08
wow ur really pretty
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at 12:56:38am on 6/14/08
comment my random thought please :]
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at 11:35:19pm on 6/2/08
oh wow your beautiful
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at 4:57:50pm on 5/26/08
hey how u been
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