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I like music and being alive. I'm not into serious ffr, but i have fun. I'm shy and outgoing at the same time.
Music, classic video games, etc.
Fav Music:
Eating piping hot breadsticks.
Fav Movies:
Watching an anthill being blown away with water.
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pokemonruby97 writes...
at 11:17:57pm on 2/2/08
no accualy i havent xD
pokemonruby97 writes...
at 9:56:32pm on 2/2/08
lol thanks xD
SnS writes...
at 4:18:08pm on 12/11/07
Lol thanks. Cool fish sticks.
SnS writes...
at 2:30:31pm on 11/21/07
Mmm, fish sticks.
The_Epidemic writes...
at 10:59:11am on 6/30/07
omg u dont think i know about metal gear awesome!!!!!
Zageron writes...
at 1:24:19am on 6/30/07
Given you a thumbs up on your profile. Hope I can get one too! ^^

LifereaperX writes...
at 8:09:46pm on 6/29/07
I tried to watch 28 Weeks Later on both websites that you gave me, but the 2nd part of both were missing... I'm going to find one that works though
LifereaperX writes...
at 5:00:28am on 6/29/07
Give me a post when you finish 28 Days Later... and tell me what you think
iTaLiAnGuRl4LiFe writes...
at 4:47:25pm on 6/28/07
thank you soo much about my profile
i love that color of your player card
serenity_luv writes...
at 3:49:23pm on 6/28/07

mkay I'll shut up now :P
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