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guy thats random
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well, idk what there is about me, maybe im just a lunatic X3. something bad has happened recently...my gf is possibly dead...her leg is broken from cheerleading, her arm is sprained from a fight, and she had to be rushed to the hospital from unespectedly passing out, and i havent seen her since...i might not be in a completely good mood right now a horrible storm is coming! they said it might miss where i live...thats all for now! ----AWESOME UPDATE---- my gf is alive :D and that storm did 0 damage, so me iz happeh ^^ (but i kinda liked the attention i got when i thought my gf was dead :i LOL)
food :3
Fav Music:
i like rave (gets stuck in your head) electronic, etc.
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mRpREggERs writes...
at 10:33:21pm on 4/5/13
guy thats random writes...
at 12:13:45pm on 11/3/12
Lol, I'm great. I hit a new revolution in grammar (or something like that) so I'm basically being all fancy and such with spelling and capitalization. Boring stuff, in the human language. :P
Julie Jadez writes...
at 7:46:57am on 8/16/12
yeah i know x.x how r ya? i suck at this game now lol i havnt been on in so long and they changed the difficulty i dont get why
I Suck A Bunch writes...
at 9:50:39pm on 4/3/12
i dont make scary clowns ;(
guy thats random writes...
at 5:55:44pm on 10/2/11
ohai :3
allycat632 writes...
at 2:16:59pm on 10/1/11
guy thats random writes...
at 3:15:53pm on 9/25/11
make me >:3
I Suck A Bunch writes...
at 2:52:13pm on 9/25/11
no you go to bed
guy thats random writes...
at 2:29:18pm on 9/25/11
its ok :D
Julie Jadez writes...
at 2:00:51pm on 9/25/11
hey sorry my conection went out
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