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m3t4kn1ght writes...
at 9:07:46pm on 7/10/20
Whoops typo haha. Lychee#8333. But either way man. I'll figure it out
m3t4kn1ght writes...
at 8:28:40pm on 7/10/20
Don't use discord much but it's installed on my hone for stuff like this. Not sure how to add so add me! ImLychee#8333
m3t4kn1ght writes...
at 7:14:51pm on 7/10/20
No way mate, you're finally a veteran as you should've been ages ago! Haha man this site makes me realise the ticking of that clock. How've you been man? If you're up for it, let's get back in touch ay! I use various chat stuff or social media. Genuinely interested dude
m3t4kn1ght writes...
at 3:28:36am on 1/17/18
sounds good bro. I don't really play video games anymore sadly. don't do much for me anymore. Fuck man, so what you been up to?
m3t4kn1ght writes...
at 3:11:59am on 11/14/17
Necessary yearly comment to catch up. How are you lmao
SNOWLEGEND writes...
at 12:36:59am on 2/22/17
m3t4kn1ght writes...
at 12:50:59am on 8/5/16
oohh nice! what division were you in? I remember top 8 getting a different badge, maybe top 16 aswell. Yeah we should, I however abandoned my old account for specific reasons. I'll pm you my skype
m3t4kn1ght writes...
at 12:41:18am on 8/5/16
great stuff man! good luck with the tourny! I remember entering about a year or two ago and got placed D4, was eliminated the second or first round lmao. Maybe you'll do better than I. And atleast you'll get a nice placement badge aswell!
gortern writes...
at 11:49:19am on 6/14/16
I'm good, I've gotten back into the game and now entered the upcoming tournament.
m3t4kn1ght writes...
at 7:02:54am on 6/14/16
yo dude, yes I am haha. How are you? Haven't spoken to you in ages!
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