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About me:
Im metal, im phsyco or maybe im just board i love music my life revolves around it, i have lots of friends and i love to have fun,most of my friends are just as crazy as me, were hated by the principles,rent a cops,and SRO's (school reinforcment officer's) some people call us freaks because were different and they despize us for having fun.I have the ADD shit so most of the time im in a different world and will have no idea what ur talking about when i come to and i may not care if it dont my atten.
music is my life so have to put that here and i also love boarding and animes as u can tell by my header my favorite is bleach.
Fav Music:
I LOVE METAL/GRIDECORE, AND GRUNGE AND ALL AROUND ROCK,My favorite bands are AS I LAY DYING,JOB FOR A COWBOY, The black dahlia murder,animosity,as blood runs black,linkin park, rise agianst, avenged sevenfold,metallica, system of a down, underoath,rage against the machine ,disturbed, killswitch engage,red jumpsuit app.,bless the fall,bullet for my valentine,deftones,darkest hour apocalyptica,adiovent ,black label society,blood simple, the dead kennedys,hatebreed, atreyu,10 years, NIN, saliva, dropping d
Fav Movies:
hum...not really into movies, id rather be out banging some drums and stuff
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As I Lay Dying-Nothing Left
Posted on: July 28, 2008, at 01:06:59pm   [0 comments]

geezis gets his revenge
Posted on: July 18, 2008, at 11:47:52am   [2 comments]

Jeremy nails Geezis to his chest
Posted on: July 18, 2008, at 11:45:27am   [0 comments]

Norma Jean-a small spark vs a giant forest
Posted on: July 18, 2008, at 11:21:08am   [0 comments]

deftones-Change(in the house of flies)
Posted on: March 10, 2008, at 03:14:28pm   [0 comments]

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galactoslime0001 writes...
at 11:19:15pm on 1/11/09
hey ladies! guess whos back!!
galactoslime0001 writes...
at 4:00:20pm on 12/4/08
sorry guys my school blocked this site so i probly wont be on much if at all for a while
lord s snake writes...
at 9:18:30am on 10/10/08
hey join my bleach rp site
AxAngelx writes...
at 6:32:47pm on 10/6/08
hi there ^.^
Flash_G0D writes...
at 7:32:26am on 9/16/08
Hey glacto, whats up? you need to get on more often
Ray Roman writes...
at 8:39:15pm on 9/15/08
hey, go to my profile and watch the first vid
MJV2112 writes...
at 7:44:07pm on 8/10/08
it is all good
TaiganLyn writes...
at 9:25:51am on 8/6/08
well, i saw The Devil Wears Prada, 3OH!3, ORESKABAND, Between The Trees, Motion City Soundtrack, and From First To Last. 'twas awesome
duckieluver4evr writes...
at 2:01:35pm on 8/5/08
um nm just hanging out with friends
Flash_G0D writes...
at 11:37:07pm on 8/3/08
hey dood, meh nothin is new with me same old, hbu?
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