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freestylemisha writes at 5:34:02pm on 5/3/20
Thank you
HBar writes at 8:34:10pm on 5/2/20
It's your choice, post in the thread or tell psychoangel691 which three you want. The event tokens are listed at http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/tokens/token_info.php, they're the ones that say "Awarded as prizes during officially sanctioned events". It's also possible to ask for some of the other tokens on that page if you really want them, like someone got Dendrite v2, but I think it makes more sense to go for the event tokens because there isn't any other way to get them.
EssRocks writes at 7:47:09pm on 5/2/20
Congrats on the win! I thought I was going to be in the top 3, but I didn't check the ranks for the last 12 hours of the 7th round.
freestylemisha writes at 7:37:33pm on 5/2/20
Yeah by chance do you know what the 3 support and/or event tokens are or where they are I cant find them
HBar writes at 6:39:12pm on 5/2/20
Well done Misha! I had really underestimated you for the first seven rounds.
freestylemisha writes at 1:53:25pm on 5/2/20
thank you
HBar writes at 1:45:55pm on 4/28/20
Congrats on reaching the top three in the tournament, this round's a fun one