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I'm 15 year old Italian male living in the tDot. I go to Chaminade College School. Currently in grade 10.
Baseball, Drums, FFR
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Rock, beats, any good/classic song.
Fav Movies:
Saw 1-4, Comedy, horror.
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Go to the site at the bottom and sign the petition.
Watch the video if you have the guts to, it is hard to sit through.
Help prevent animal cruelty.
If you don't then you have no heart.


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[TeRa] writes...
at 6:51:58pm on 9/15/08
o.O What's up with your omw score?
w00p writes...
at 9:45:37pm on 5/28/08
hey can you challenge me to gaussian blur 3 :)
Flaming_Dingleberry writes...
at 11:22:01pm on 5/16/08
Hey, didn't you get insanely pissed at me?
mastergodinez writes...
at 10:57:35pm on 3/21/08
nice, awesome golie.
mastergodinez writes...
at 1:23:22pm on 3/21/08
revolutionjackson33 writes...
at 8:01:11am on 2/24/08
wtf i cannot see my last 10 ffr games played
revolutionjackson33 writes...
at 8:00:06am on 2/24/08
dang i cannot see my last ten ffr games played
Phynx writes...
at 9:02:41pm on 12/26/07
Go here to read about my comp specs:
It is near the bottom of the posting. :)
xXslutmuffinXx33 writes...
at 7:32:08pm on 12/26/07
lol u bet i am ...jp but rele yeah
xXslutmuffinXx33 writes...
at 10:55:33pm on 12/25/07
fyi tht was a long time ago and yea they r whiter and u can stfu thanks =D
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