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MysticalFaerie writes at 4:29:42pm on 9/13/08
-eats cookie-
-runs to your bed-
-runs away and drags you to your bed-
Haha bedwetter.
ffitachi writes at 7:37:58pm on 8/24/08
too bad only half show -_-
xfatalityxx writes at 12:15:17pm on 8/24/08
-throws a cooki3-
Lolz. Ooh 32 fc's pretty good =P
Excalibur35 writes at 1:04:32pm on 8/16/08
thanks for the thumbs up back <3
xfatalityxx writes at 10:54:50am on 8/16/08
Well...find me in multiplayer xD
xfatalityxx writes at 9:40:02pm on 8/15/08
Same thing happened to me... I'm supposed to get 5 AAA's
Lolz I'm in the room 'Sprinkles'
Play meh
xfatalityxx writes at 9:56:15pm on 7/18/08
come on catch up to meh..
ffitachi writes at 4:37:04pm on 6/24/08
i got an AAA on CIA RAVE v2 and i wasnt given anything...
ffitachi writes at 6:22:37pm on 5/19/08
For all those who think i suck... I'm using one hand that has a tendon problem making it painfull to play
xfatalityxx writes at 4:27:15pm on 3/10/08
you rock =)