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Posted on: September 6, 2020, at 02:08:35pm   [0 comments]
Wanted to post some goal-setting:

500 tier points (Tier 2) -- 431/500

So my main goal right now is actually tier points since I'm getting very close to Tier 2. Currently at 431/500, so 69 more 😛. I have three 0/X tier point songs left (which means I just need to pass them). So three songs that I've never gotten around to finishing. The rest of my 0/X's are unlocks that I have no chance at unlocking at the moment.

I think my next set of tier point bumps will likely come from improving 1/7, 1/8, 1/9's -> 2/7, 2/8, 2/9.. s these are high FMO's to low-mid FGO's. I find that (especially for FGO's) getting the second tier point on a song generally means I completed the song feeling like I kind of knew what I was doing, so that'll also be a pretty good gauge for fluidity gains on FGO's.

Other ongoing goals:
PFC more high VC's and FMO's - I've got two low FMO's, one 69, one 68, and quite a few in the 60-66 range.
1000 AAA's - My AAA count seems to change depending on which part of the site I'm visiting, but the tier points page seems to be a good source of truth -- I have 904, with a bunch of new easier things I've never played, so I think getting to 1000 shouldn't be much of a problem

I'm back 😄 + very brief 3.5-yr hiatus summary
Posted on: August 16, 2020, at 03:22:35pm   [1 comment]
Never thought I'd be writing this, but I'm back after 3.5 years! What was pretty funny about this was that the first random thought I saw when I got back was my retirement post 😂.

And actually, reading that was really fascinating, because a lot changed since then, and who would have ever thought a pandemic would be what brought me back to this game.

In early 2017(When I "retired"):
- I'd just moved to a new place and started an internship in biotech
- I was 25 almost 26
- Had just graduated from an M.S. program

Since then:
- As I mentioned in that post, I started playing DDR more which meant I pretty much had no time to commit to FFR, and boy did that result in some life changes.
- Most importantly, DDR was one of the reasons I made a career change out of a profession that was making me miserable into something I liked and found stability in (this was science -> software engineering). I confided in some friends on some personal career issues and they guided me towards making this transition. To this day I still can't believe how well this all worked out. Without DDR and the folks I met through it, I don't know that I would have made this realization myself.
- I played in tournaments for a few years and improved in skill quite a bit; stuck with DDR for the exercise.

- I'm 29.. I'll definitely be 30 before arcades open again
- Arcades are closed, so no more DDR for who knows how long. But in a way, when this happened, I ended up not minding too much. Reasons being:
- Tournaments created a nice chance to travel around, meet new people, etc, but honestly after a while I was losing the thrill of doing it, and having to maintain/improve skill while commuting to arcades *every single weekend* and sometimes during the week, all while working full-time was starting to feel like a chore. I'd likely met all the people I was going to meet and made all the friends I was ever going to make. So there weren't really any more positives to focus on, and this tended to shift my focus over to only the negative.
- So when arcades open again, I'll likely go back; I think having it taken away for a while will make me appreciate it anew when we get it back. But for the time being, let's do something else and re-skill at FFR!
- At the moment, I'm playing at about a high-D4 level. After playing for about a month, I've started improving some 3.5 year old scores on FMO's/FGO's and am hoping this trend continues!

Tracking my FMO Progress
Posted on: September 21, 2016, at 01:25:34am   [1 comment]
As I seem to be a solid low-mid D5 player now, I'm going to track all my FMO song progress (Levels 70-84), with the goal of getting them all under 100 raw goods on average(and hopefully, eventually every song under 100 raw goods, although there are some disastrous scores on songs for which that may never happen). I hope to eventually start recording FGO scores here, but right now there's only one I can perform consistently well on (Einstein-Rosen Bridge), so I'm going to wait until I lower some of those raw good counts before I also start tracking FGO's.

Here, I will record my strongest and weakest songs of each individual level in the Master range, updating periodically:

(updated 12/23/16)
Average Raw goods: 25.3
Strongest: Choprite (0-0-0-0)
Weakest: May The Triforce Be With You (61-2-1-5)

Average Raw goods: 29.7
Strongest: Seedy Try (1-1-0-0)
Weakest: EuroMorroc (Clean Edit) (44-8-4-9)

Average Raw goods: 36.2
Strongest: JULIAN (5-0-0-1)
Weakest: VS Boss Battle (74-8-10-14)

Average Raw goods: 41.8
Strongest: Men & Machines [Redemption] (1-0-0-2)
Weakest: Futsuu No Uta (74-8-11-14) (I just realized I have the same score on this as VS Boss Battle just one more miss, haha)

Average Raw goods: 41.9
Strongest: Hajnal and Summer Time Perfume (both 6-0-0-0)
Weakest: Exciting Hyper Highspeed Star (77-5-2-14)

Average Raw goods: 45.1
Strongest: Romance in the Club feat. Liquido(6-0-0-1)
Weakest: Death Moon (116-7-12-16)

Average Raw goods: 56.5
Strongest: DRAGONLADY(6-0-0-0)
Weakest: AIM Anthem (112-14-8-14)

Average Raw goods: 61.7
Strongest: Flounder(7-0-0-0)
Weakest: New Fluttershy (MONSTER MIX) (99-3-2-10)

Average Raw goods: 75.2
Strongest: Buzzards(14-0-1-1)
Weakest: Clocked (109-6-7-12)

Average Raw goods: 81.3
Strongest: Dead And Direct (5-0-0-0)
Weakest: Enkan No Kotowari (153-9-16-12)

Average Raw goods: 92.3
Strongest: 3020 (12-0-0-0)
Weakest: Stepfile This (154-17-17-32)

Average Raw goods: 93.9
Strongest: October (20-0-1-5)
Weakest: Trisection v2 (120-13-13-25)

Average Raw goods: 103.9
Strongest: Ripoff (26-2-3-6)
Weakest: Sleep (168-11-16-18)

Average Raw Goods: 132.6
Strongest: Toxiferous Dystopia (13-1-0-2)
Weakest: Wood Man (Megaman 2) (196-7-19-30)

Average Raw Goods: 166.5
Strongest: No Purpose Flour (23-0-1-3)
Weakest: Weapon (216-15-26-39)

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i think we met briefly at raj! i recognized your name from twitter and i think the life4 discord as well. (:
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i hope the feelings never fade =)
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Your GT is almost as high as mine~ Grats on 12 billion :)
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