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Well lets see, first things first I Am quite out there in left field when it comes to my thinking. In fact the only way that people should be thinking is out there in left field! If you want to know my beliefs just ask, want to know my name just ask, want to stock me go right ahead don't mind the entertainment :P.
Poetry, writing, reading, biking, hiking, talking, drinking and having a good time with my comrades, humanity, psychology, accounting, life & love, honesty and lies, books, music, singing. most importantly I am Interested in you! How has your day been?
Fav Music:
Jpop, all things by Utada, most songs by Boa, R&B, Soca, Classical Music, Classical Rock, a bit of Fusion Jazz, Limited gothic music (nice beats in the background). And since my return home, Gospel brings me closer to my down south family (don't believe the message but its a nice sound) But just because i don't listen to what you listen to doesn't mean i don't like it just not my favorite stuff!
Fav Movies:
Borat, 300 (historically inaccurate but fuck who reads books nowadays anyway?!), Johnny Q, Training day, Barbershop, Scary Movie I & II, 6th Sense, Blazing Saddles, Rush Hour 1 & 2, ROTK and that whole series, Chris rock HBO specials, David Chappelle. Can list a whole lot of other movies but you can see the trend, ACTION, COMADY, and SCARY! (can you pick out the drama one though?)
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CrAzYfInGeRz_08 writes...
at 8:45:51am on 10/10/07
hey no its iight. i havent been either, im juxt startin 2 think ffr iz gay now. well talk l8ter...
CrAzYfInGeRz_08 writes...
at 2:51:30pm on 9/26/07
djmaster08 writes...
at 2:47:30pm on 9/26/07
hey faloth long time no talk
CrAzYfInGeRz_08 writes...
at 2:47:48pm on 9/19/07
hey i added you, well thanks for the great competition!!!
plummbo writes...
at 9:05:57am on 9/7/07
Hello =)
spitfyre619 writes...
at 10:32:07pm on 8/8/07
oh, ok!
spitfyre619 writes...
at 10:45:39am on 8/8/07
u lie u have 3 skill tokens!
albaneenesk8r writes...
at 3:38:28pm on 6/12/07
good games
6:04pm writes...
at 1:21:56am on 5/28/07
hm. it only shows as 6. neat! gg's
konnichiwa writes...
at 3:15:40pm on 5/3/07
hey, remember me, we should play again sometime
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