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I'm a university student and this is my first time writing a description for a profile LOL. I'm in Engineering and generally a friendly guy.
Lots and lots of video games. Dancing, music, art, applied math, tennis, ice cream (lol).
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Any genre! All music in the right situations.
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I enjoy all types of movies, but I can't really think of any off the top of my head right now :l
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Posted on: June 5, 2013, at 04:06:51am   [3 comments]
I remember looking at my total overall score and being like... im 1.5 billion away... this is going to take forever... and it took me like a year. To celebrate this joyous occasion i have decided to post this youtube video to attempt to give a laugh to anyone who visits my page, enjoy!

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Chromatique writes...
at 10:39:29pm on 12/31/16
OMG i am four months late in replying but IDK AM I?
(plus yoo i'm a ffr vet now GET GUD)
Karund writes...
at 5:28:48pm on 8/11/14
Hiya, i remember you xD
sweet2kill210 writes...
at 4:29:48pm on 5/14/14
good games do you play on SM or something?
Murmurrum writes...
at 9:53:22pm on 4/19/14
Hey, I noticed you asked me to play.. Although I do want to apologize for my disappearance, I'd truly want to make it up to you!
Funnygurl555 writes...
at 3:05:59pm on 11/3/13
Funnygurl555 writes...
at 1:19:23pm on 8/20/13
Sorry I haven't been online in a bit, but xD
I haven't even been able to touch my score on Birdwater though, and I think it's been over a year ._.
ShiroKiri15 writes...
at 4:12:26am on 8/20/13
Haha thank you so much! ^.^=
Sorry about the late reply ><;
sameoldbloodrush! writes...
at 6:46:04pm on 6/24/13
I'd love to play! My ign is Mzungu
add me :)
axith writes...
at 9:40:41pm on 6/7/13
Saw your post about official tourneys. Just wanted to say that if you're really itching for a tourney, TheSaxRunner has a tourney in signups right now. round starts tomorrow and ends tuesday(iirc). Sign-ups end at the end of the first round.
JFrow22 writes...
at 3:59:01pm on 6/25/12
I had skillboosted on this game haha, i had FCd pwntendo and some other insane songs
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