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Me and my twin brother use the same account.
Music in general (almost evrything, lots of variety and a vast repertoire). Dancing mostly hip-hop(c-walk, glides, krump, poppin, waves). Freestyle is my favourite but y also practice coreographies. We're also pretty intense gamerz, but more on copsoles than pc(NES, super nintendo, N64, GC, playstation and xbox. We enjoy movies watching tv, and also subtitled mangas, animees and japanese dramas Lol. Going out at bars or clubbing, Meeting people, seeing girls. Main activity is chilling with a few buddies, drinking some booze and breathing grass. Just hang out and have a good time.
Fav Music:
Michael Jackson, Prince, S.O.S Band, Usher
Fav Movies:
Breakin' (one & two), Pulp Fiction,
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netX writes...
at 1:31:00pm on 2/17/11
Wassup bro
dark_soul writes...
at 9:22:59am on 3/11/08
Haha, Yea pho it totally too good XD
Keep up the good work yourself =) and thanks for the add
bleach_blonde01 writes...
at 2:53:36pm on 2/29/08
wats up batman
kaibaby4 writes...
at 5:35:07pm on 2/28/08
hey :)
ewaufe writes...
at 12:13:28am on 2/28/08
I love kittys, My cat's name is Mimine
Calico_1 writes...
at 1:04:39pm on 4/6/07
I really want attention and maybe a spot on your lap
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 10:41:00am on 7/21/04
First person to post on your wall.