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Katie, 16. I'm a huge dork, semi-artistic, a big lover of music, and..er...yeah. thats about it. Nothing special but I'm alright with that :)
I love to draw & take photos (its debatable if I'm actually good at either one or not but oh well haha.) Video games are epic & so are really bad jokes :) hockey, history, reading, marching band, & music pretty much make up the rest of everything.
Fav Music:
my chemical romance, the beatles, rise against, muse, linkin park, system of a down, reel big fish, paramore, breaking benjamin, a day to remember, eminem, shinedown, goo goo dolls, green day, panic! at the disco, jimmy eat world, sick puppies, three days grace, yellowcard, death cab for cutie, hollywood undead anything really but country
Fav Movies:
Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Inception, The Ring, Pearl Harbor, Pirates of the Caribbean
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Posted on: June 21, 2011, at 12:34:37am   [0 comments]
something normal people typically do at this time of night.
but nope.
its 1:35am...and i'm filling out online job applications...
what the fuck is wrong with me?

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RedWind writes...
at 12:09:16am on 6/17/11
hey, really nice drawings =D
starlight11 writes...
at 2:21:26pm on 6/16/11
That Tall Guy writes...
at 11:36:39pm on 6/14/11
You're welcomez
KEM627 writes...
at 9:23:21am on 6/12/11
Haha, no worries, and uhm, ehh not really, but only cause finals are next week. After that no more school, wooo! Until next year, then I'll be done completely, until I go to college, hha.
That Tall Guy writes...
at 12:55:24am on 6/12/11
YouLin16 writes...
at 7:35:29am on 6/10/11
Best anime ever :D:D
rvc11 writes...
at 6:36:29pm on 6/8/11
same here ^^ lol i just put that i love music i really like alot of different music by alot of different artist
YouLin16 writes...
at 9:45:18am on 6/5/11
Hey hey! :D I love SM :333
KEM627 writes...
at 11:37:31am on 6/4/11
Haha, right, at first I evened it out, but now it's just like ehh, people winn, lol (:
we_were_once_stars writes...
at 2:33:44pm on 6/3/11
You're welcome!
Idk, I feel like I'm kinda looking at my own profile- I'm just like this sometimes XD
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