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My name is Darren. I played one-hand til I switched to spread in Aug. 09. I haven't played rhythm games since FFR went down, so I'm trying to get my groove back.
fw.perfectworld.com. Check it out.
Fav Music:
(Alternative) Rock, Trance, D&B.
Fav Movies:
The Boondock Saints, The Big Lebowski, the Deadwood series, Seinfeld. Mostly comedies and action/horror.
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I\'m 12 and FFR is up?
Posted on: October 17, 2010, at 10:37:09pm   [0 comments]
I\'ve been waiting long and hard for this day to come, but I realize now, after not playing any rhythm games since FFR went down, that I will never suck as less as I did long ago.

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Posted on: September 16, 2008, at 10:00:47pm   [1 comment]
- 200+ FCs
- 50+ AAAs
- 50 Skill tokens
- Less than 1500 FFR Rank
- Less than 3000 Avg Rank

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[x] 250+ FCs (Updated Oct. 18, 2008)
[x] 300+ FCs (Updated Nov. 5, 2008)
[x] 400+ FCs (Updated Jan. 9, 2009)
[ ] 100+ AAAs
[ ] 150+ AAAs
[ ] 200+ AAAs
[x] 60 Skill tokens (Updated Jan. 05, 2009)
[ ] 70 Skill tokens
[x] Under 1000 FFR rank (Updated Oct. 28, 2008)
[x] Under 500 FFR rank (Updated ~Feb. 1, 2009)
[x] Under 2500 Avg rank (Updated Oct. 18, 2008)
[x] Under 2000 Avg rank (Updated Oct. 28, 2008)
[x] Under 1000 Avg rank (Updated Feb. 12, 2009)

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