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My name is Dennis
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blindhollander writes at 12:24:14am on 11/3/18
Hey ;p you're a person......i remember you ;)
Kawaii025 writes at 12:00:43am on 9/18/15
Congrats on reaching 900 FCs! :)
KillerScythe0 writes at 11:33:49pm on 9/9/15
Thanks for the great MP! Looking forward to fumbling behind you another day!
MosaicMan3 writes at 9:50:04pm on 8/25/15
FC'd PianoCore (70) First try. Not extremely clean. But pretty proud I sight-played FC'd a 70
MosaicMan3 writes at 1:23:45am on 8/24/15
My standalone doesn't let me use MP :.( And I've been on as much as I can. The new baby takes up all my time.
MosaicMan3 writes at 8:48:18pm on 8/19/15
hey bud just started back up again.
2EdgedVictory writes at 11:33:56pm on 8/1/15
good games! want to play again some time?
Lambdadelta writes at 3:23:52am on 12/5/14
I've selected you for my team, please post in DC's tourney thread.
llyair writes at 3:36:03pm on 11/15/14
i'm actually mostly online today! :D mp with meeee xD
llyair writes at 7:18:28pm on 11/11/14
heyyy *notices almost 2 hours later* >: i wish i could play you in mp now but i'm finishing up some group project thing ><;; hope you're having fun, though! ^^