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I hunt ponies and turn them into jerky.
Ridding the world of the faggotry that is teh ponies.
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Britney Spears
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Elmos big adventure
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Ponies are gay
Posted on: January 26, 2012, at 09:30:07pm   [0 comments]
If you're a brony fag, follow these instructions.

1. Check to see if your testicles are located between your legs. If so, proceed to step 2.

2. Go ahead and place your so called testicles on a nice flat and steady surface thats capable of sustaining a certain amount of force. Make sure you're able to keep your balance. Make adjustments if you must.

3. Take a nice and heavy blunt type object, preferably a hammer or a mallet, and bring the object as high above your head as possible.

4. After you are completely unable to raise your blunt object and higher, proceed to bring it down on top of your testicles with as much force your sissy ass pony fapping arms can induce.

5. Repeat until you've incapacitate yourself.

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CobaltWire writes...
at 1:59:03am on 2/3/12
Put ur faggotry away for once will ya?
00Razor00 writes...
at 12:36:43am on 1/24/12
00Razor00 writes...
at 12:08:42am on 1/24/12
Uh maybe because you voted me down first?
ddr-hiei writes...
at 2:09:21pm on 5/15/07
i dont care if ur bored
ddr-hiei writes...
at 7:26:51pm on 11/27/06
quit pissing me off
ddr-hiei writes...
at 7:26:36pm on 11/27/06
ddr-hiei writes...
at 7:26:36pm on 11/27/06
ddr-hiei writes...
at 7:26:36pm on 11/27/06
ddr-hiei writes...
at 7:26:36pm on 11/27/06
ddr-hiei writes...
at 7:26:35pm on 11/27/06
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