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i love music and greenday/linkinpark
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i dunno
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i will leave
Posted on: May 12, 2008, at 07:41:19am   [3 comments]
I am very sorry but i will not be here for this summer cus' i do not have internet at my house i will try to get on as much as i can but i suggest for everyone talk to me now (if you want to)before i leave one more thing I AM NOT KIDDING
- - - -- - - - - -- ---------------------------

not who you think i am
Posted on: April 21, 2008, at 07:32:19am   [0 comments]
i am not evil or anything ok guys(friends exc.)i just like black and red.

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xXSkittlesXGurlXx writes...
at 9:46:43pm on 5/15/08
lol thanx! Urs is cool too! Guitar rox!
all because of you writes...
at 10:06:17am on 5/15/08
yeah- i read your comment! ehhe- thnaks dude
SexyPuertorican writes...
at 7:46:51am on 5/15/08
No prob, Oh just go to google and type in google talk click on the link and download it, it is free :) My dame is JizaelBaby on their so invite me when or if you get it.
SexyPuertorican writes...
at 1:48:38pm on 5/14/08
Hey you should get a google talk.
drakojanskies writes...
at 3:29:16pm on 5/12/08
if i am not online message me anyways ok
Xzistance writes...
at 1:32:30pm on 5/12/08
are you kidding just "good"
give a little more detail into yout
"good day!"
like me!
okay my family was gonna celebrate
my mom's bday on saturday
but we swtiched to sunday cuzz it was MOTHER'S DAY!
and the party was wild and my moms and dads friend
i called them OG(old guys)were having a BLAST
and i was too! except i wanted to
drink that blue looking beer that looked like
kool-aid but it was a beer and yea i was jealous and
but then my mom slapped my hands to not
drink that kind cuzz it was strong and i was
like okay...
yeah... NOW tahst alot of details!
NOW how was YOUR "good day!?"
cakefaceoxrawr writes...
at 12:14:52pm on 5/12/08
Welcome :D
Xzistance writes...
at 10:33:53am on 5/12/08
why thank you!
your compliments intrigued me!
all because of you writes...
at 9:16:39am on 5/12/08
ehy!! i dunn think so. ive been busy alot latetly, so its kdina keptme from respoding alot to pl like i use to! hehe
so yeah- what is up?
SexyPuertorican writes...
at 7:42:34am on 5/12/08
Okay and thank you :)
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