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Reading, hanging with my friends, blowing stuff up, reading manga,mainly Bleach, Death Note, Fruits Basket, Naruto, FMA, Chibi Vampire, and many others, listening to music, playing soccer and lacrosse, and of course alot of other things.
Fav Music:
Seether, Chevelle, Paramore, Puddle of Mud, Ozzy, Atreyu, Disturbed, Korn, Avenged Seven Fold, old Guns n' Roses, Velvet Revolver, some ACDC, Pantera, Foo Fighters, Slipknot, and many others.
Fav Movies:
To many to name. So I won't even begin to try.
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Cheeto's Pet.
Posted on: July 23, 2009, at 12:18:03am   [1 comment]

Posted on: September 30, 2008, at 02:18:54pm   [0 comments]
Life tastes like cardboard with out sugar!!!!1
-said a friend

Ninja Info Cards
Posted on: September 25, 2008, at 04:37:48pm   [1 comment]

Posted on: May 30, 2008, at 11:48:04am   [2 comments]
I'm feeling very criminal at the moment. I think that I'm gunna rob a bank. ^.^

The Animal Light Has Become.
Posted on: May 28, 2008, at 12:52:51pm   [1 comment]

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Kimmy Kins writes...
at 3:34:36pm on 8/7/09
Thank you very much...>w<
Nampire_of_Darkness writes...
at 3:28:07am on 7/26/09
RACHEL!!! xD you commented on mah hubbys profile lolz
im not in iowa nemores :D i will be like the 16th...
and sad news..
since my mom got on probation..
-o- i might still be going to clear creek
Kimmy Kins writes...
at 10:54:14am on 7/25/09
Thank you..<3
McR EmO LuVeR writes...
at 10:05:21pm on 5/17/09
lol well have fun [=
McR EmO LuVeR writes...
at 9:52:16pm on 5/17/09
haha same here
McR EmO LuVeR writes...
at 9:41:11pm on 5/17/09
haii, whats up?
Scorpchick16- writes...
at 6:16:31pm on 11/1/08
lol, n that u did
Nampire_of_Darkness writes...
at 3:53:17pm on 10/30/08
lol thanks fluffeh xD
Scorpchick16- writes...
at 1:55:54pm on 10/28/08
nice burrito btw lol
Scorpchick16- writes...
at 1:55:25pm on 10/28/08
hi hi , ltnc. how are yaz ^_^
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