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Profile info: I'm 21 years old and turning 22 soon. Living on an inescapable rock in Hawaii by choice. I play FFR very oh very oh very very rarely...No joke. New Info: Going into calc functions soon and biomolecular chemistry fortuitously next semester. I'm getting rather overloaded with numbers and matter lately. lol
Practice: Old thing:---- Playing piano and Guitar in my Dream Phase, SPORTS:Tennis with anyone depending on if I have a racket that didn't break yet,Strategy and RPG Games (MH3 portable is amazing so far),Stepmania since its just in my system too much,Pump it up! Doubles, Musical things,Anime that has action, ecchi, and humor at the same time!,Exercise: pushing nearly 215% of my body weight in the gym (300Lbs) and 1000 pounds in leg strength roughly 714% body weight, being SINGLE and not dealing with retarded human relationship restraints because its a waste of time. 2.5 years and running smarter than ever! =) New info: Fixing work in progress
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All music has a beat and I feel it all.
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Recent favorite movie: None
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cons4lyfe writes at 9:25:06pm on 12/7/13
sup dude im getting way better now your going to tripp wen u see me lol!!!!
Kasu_404 writes at 5:41:42pm on 7/15/11
advanced techniques in Photoshop? I think I'm very instinctive to use it, so I guess I'm not the right person to teach something like that. ^^;;
AquaTeen writes at 3:45:43pm on 7/12/11
Why thank you :-D
Kasu_404 writes at 3:10:27pm on 7/12/11
Photoshop does and IS a wonder, especially if you know use it very well.
condoct writes at 5:02:34pm on 7/11/11
lol thanks.
AquaTeen writes at 2:53:42pm on 7/11/11
hahahahahaha Chelsea is my name and thank you for thevote :-D
woker-X writes at 3:24:06pm on 7/5/11
Thanks for the vote :)
Enjoy the vote back :3
Kasu_404 writes at 1:05:17pm on 7/5/11
Hello~ thanks for the vote :]
dragonseal28 writes at 3:43:40am on 7/5/11
Pimpin out my profile is so much fun! AWESOMEOSITY!!!
cons4lyfe writes at 9:53:06pm on 5/9/11
yo jett get 3 billion points then u can be a veteran also u really should play more often your beast thats why