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My name is Rose, 15 years old, Love to make new friends.
Fav Music:
Indie,Techno,Alternative,hip hop,Screamo.
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too much
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_Southking writes...
at 11:16:40pm on 12/10/07
hello!!!!!!!!!!! :)
random person!!!!!!!! :)
MarukuAntoni writes...
at 1:48:15am on 9/15/07
i saw your pic and thought it was one of my friends. i was kinda excited but then nope, it was someone else. cool pix.
jonathanrenelopez writes...
at 8:40:18am on 9/12/07
where you at
jonathanrenelopez writes...
at 8:12:12am on 9/10/07
this one is called
my angel
you should now by now you become an angel in myheart
dont even bother tellin me how you fell from heaven
i think it was destiny that brought us here together
when i see that happy face
i smile as if an angel had come from heaven but when i come to my senses i realize it is you
and i new it from the moment i met you
and all the love i have for still ant enough
everyone is changing
theres no one left that is real
so make your own ending my beautiful angel
jonathanrenelopez writes...
at 1:25:19pm on 9/3/07
the name of this rap is


baby girl your on my mind all the time
and you now we should be together forever me being with you i never whant to let go
havint you ever nown
that a girl is like a flour
you cant be to rough
you got to be gentle
a girl ant rental
not like a proseatute
girl im felling for you
and you now ill always be true
and i the things i do for you i do because i love you
so please dont cheat
i ant like an animal thats always in heat thats just the ryhthem of my beat

i hope you like it
shadowwar writes...
at 10:24:47pm on 9/2/07
Wow... I didn't notice until now that you're in Guam. I have alot of family there
~GJampa writes...
at 5:20:46pm on 9/2/07
Oh yeah I gave you a thumb up. Pretty pictures. =]
bloodysword writes...
at 5:00:35pm on 9/2/07
nice profile
coolmonkeymusic writes...
at 8:33:59pm on 9/1/07
yo you can add me to ur friend list if you want. thumbs up
jonathanrenelopez writes...
at 8:19:09pm on 9/1/07
wanna be friends
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