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Hello random stranger reading my profile. Im Deanna ^_^ im loving nice crazy and random XD and i get confused easily O.O also im 16. And if you wanna know anything else about me jest ask me please dont be shy.
I sing and draw and play piano and guitar i play football and wrestal i also skateboard and i love to hang out with friends and listen to music and watch family guy and tosh.o and NARUTO!!!! GO AKATSUKI!!! XD
Fav Music:
I love all music but i hate rap and some pop i down right hate and oldies and country.
Fav Movies:
All comedys and scary movies i like and some times i like little kid movies but shhhh dont tell XD
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thedarkknightrising writes...
at 12:20:20am on 8/13/13
lolss XD omg Mr. Hyper.
FontSize72LOL writes...
at 6:36:52pm on 8/10/13
That's cool. I've been a bit busy lately so i haven't had much time to sit down and watch anime myself. Anyway, welcome to the site. I hope you enjoy yourself here.
thedarkknightrising writes...
at 6:33:24pm on 8/10/13
hmm, sitting, ffr, league, talking to someone, music, relax. yeah. lol
xAlphaWolf writes...
at 5:59:25pm on 8/10/13
FontSize72LOL writes...
at 12:38:19pm on 8/10/13
I'm usually not in the habit of accepting random friend requests, but i don't mind chatting with people from time to time. I notice You have a Naruto themed profile, Do you watch a lot of anime?
ddr_f4n writes...
at 12:07:40pm on 8/10/13
orly now? How'd s/he know?
ddr_f4n writes...
at 12:50:04am on 8/10/13
Yo sup, randomly sending a friend request :P
thedarkknightrising writes...
at 10:38:51pm on 8/9/13
lol it's okay, and i'm fine. ^^ thanks. :3 any plan for tonight tho? lol (trying to make a conversation)
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 8:58:39pm on 8/8/13
First person to post on your wall.