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12 years old, mahogany colored eyes, dark brown hair, birthday: June 13, 1994. likes: ramen, wolves, purple, black, red, DDR, FFR, Stepmania, ITG, Pump it Up, Cats, Dogs, sitting out in the moonlight, etc. dislikes: bitchy ppl, chocolate, asparagus, little kids, homework, losing things, NES game "Where's Waldo", Altari game "E.T.", etc.
DDR, computer play, chatting, being around friends, going to the mall, anime, oriental stuff, darkness, etc.
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Linkin Park, Nightwish, Greenday, Feng Shui, System of a Down, Kalmah, Children of Bodom, etc.
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Napoleon Dynamite, Benchwarmers, Yours Mine and Ours, Scary Movie 4, Scary Movie 3, Harry Potter, The Pink Panther, Click, The Grudge, Grudge 2, Ring, Ring 2, etc.
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Posted on: November 11, 2006, at 12:22:08pm   [0 comments]
Yeah, November..... So interesting and full of surprising secrets. o.o; Ya never know what will just come out and getcha xD! Just like at my Halloween when some friend of mine scared the snot outta me when she just thwacked a confetti pumpkin thing on my head @.@! Anyways, about November. Here, there was a chilly breeze on Fri. Nov. 10 >3<. And on the next day, still here, was a sunny day, too. o.o;

I might get braces somewhere around this month. bah. I don't like them AT ALL. My sister's birthday is coming up on Thanksgiving! Wow! A Thanksgiving birthday. xD

What's happenin' on Oct.27?
Posted on: October 24, 2006, at 08:26:35pm   [0 comments]
On Friday October 27, we're gonna ride in a limo and have a blast! :D
Thanks to my crunk friend, Sierra and her richy family.
From all of your friends,
We ♥ ya, dewd!

Alot of crap that's happenin' on Oct.28... >_&l
Posted on: October 24, 2006, at 08:21:57pm   [0 comments]
Here's the list of things that will occur this day.

1. Fall Festival at meh Elementary School(lots of fun. :D)

2.School Dance(woo hoo Imma dance with my bf;) )

3.Halloween Party at my friend's house :)

4.Goin to the movies with friends to see Grudge 2(At nighttime, too. woohoo.xD)

5.Goin to the mall with friend's(at daytime.)

Omg I wonder how nauseous I will feel after all of this? >.<;

On September 8, 2006....
Posted on: September 6, 2006, at 09:14:05pm   [0 comments]
I'm going to adopt a little kitteh! :D And I can't wait for it, lol.

Sadness... D:
Posted on: September 6, 2006, at 09:11:38pm   [0 comments]
I can't believe Steve Irwin"The Crocodile Hunter" died. He was an awesome guy and I loved to watch his shows. : / I hope he has a good life in Heaven. R.I.P .Steve; A true legend

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shini-gama writes...
at 7:59:55pm on 5/25/07
Shadow Wolf writes...
at 6:41:23pm on 4/25/07
lil_pandabear writes...
at 9:48:28pm on 12/22/06
ya hwat they siad!!! i luv da name / piture! its kewl!!!
XxSoul_StealerxX writes...
at 6:39:00pm on 11/26/06
I'm going to add you if you don't mind.
XxSoul_StealerxX writes...
at 6:38:40pm on 11/26/06
Nice avatar.
Ax2727 writes...
at 3:19:41pm on 11/15/06
well no ones postin on mines so i thought i might as well post on urs.... thats it srry to dissapoint u
Gray Fox writes...
at 3:51:04pm on 11/11/06
ah, November is here. I can't wait till Thanksgiving with all that food. Looks like you go to a birthday as well on Thanksgiving. Good luck with that. Take care and I'll ttyl ! ^-^
Regards, Gray Fox
Shadow Neko writes...
at 1:13:48pm on 11/11/06
Hey Tara what up I just made my FFR account and a picture of me, Chelsea, yours truly. ;)
Gray Fox writes...
at 8:00:30am on 11/5/06
Hello, you got a nice avatar! ^-^
Regards, Gray Fox
Ax2727 writes...
at 12:15:17pm on 10/28/06
k gotcha
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