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The name's Charles and I have been a member of this website basically since its genesis. I now stream on twitch as well as work as an AP Calculus 1 instructor. 1.85 spread-style player. Follow my streams at @twitch.tv/crypt0_kreep facebook.com/charles.cartwright2
Pretty much powerlifting, stars and the Universe, entheogenic experiences, exploring nature, streaming, traveling and eating, History and Art.
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Trance/Techno, Hardstyle, House, Drum n' Bass, Electronica, Hardcore, Metal,Classic Rock, Dubstep, Reggae, Rap, Hip-hop.
Fav Movies:
Hot Rod, Pineapple Express, Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshell, 40 Year Old Virgin, Half Baked, Detroit Rock City, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Requiem For A Dream. And most horror flicks.
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Posted on: September 24, 2011, at 09:42:47pm   [3 comments]
Stay high flash flash!
Posted on: September 14, 2009, at 09:50:27pm   [2 comments]
This guy was the original pimp...lol he taught me that dancing isnt gay, not that i dance. We lost a great man...
Posted on: May 25, 2009, at 11:50:44pm   [0 comments]
Finally hit 500+ FC's and 50+ AAA's but im not stopping there lmao...next goal is 550+ fc's and 100+ AAA's
Posted on: May 13, 2009, at 08:56:29am   [0 comments]
Atm im ranked 1996. Im finally back into the 1000s, which is where I was at b4 I quit. Soon I'll break 1000 :)
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Folly writes at 2:53:34am on 7/11/19
i dont brooooo whats your number man im trying to be out there in a couple weeks!
korny writes at 11:50:21am on 7/1/19
Sorry to hear about your dad man. Hope things have been looking better
Folly writes at 8:06:39pm on 3/19/19
yo man hit me up if youre a friend of korny
korny writes at 10:40:13pm on 9/12/13
Some bad ass shit is going underway with me. Give me a ring sometime. Ill keep you in the loop.
korny writes at 7:41:30pm on 9/4/13
I don't have Facebook or Instagram man but you can usually find me here just chillin and debating in the forums mostly haha.
korny writes at 7:27:56pm on 9/4/13
That's what's up bro. Well let me know ahead of time and you never know what'll happen. Always good to hear from you Brotha. Keep in touch.
korny writes at 7:13:07pm on 9/4/13
Haha no fucking way man that is crazy/badasss. Things are going really well over here brotha just doin my thing nothing too crazy. It's good to hear from you man and good to see what you've been able to accomplish I miss you too bruh
korny writes at 4:13:16am on 8/8/13
Yo I heard you were gay bro... Shoulda just told me I wouldn't have judged you
00Razor00 writes at 2:15:20am on 9/25/12
MrPreggers writes at 1:36:26pm on 9/7/12
It's your fucking birthday.