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12th tourney thing (D4)
Posted on: August 15, 2019, at 06:25:40pm

all the cool kids are doing it (goal: top 8 if the songs dont scale too hard lul)

ROUND 1 - Bang - 1st place (just me ;))
AAA 0-0-0-0
Sightread: 28-0-4-2

i was worried that i was going to miss out on this round because i had to wait until the 13th to play (because vacation)
i was wrong
took 2 days of grinding and 2 black flags, so certainly not easy, but didnt feel too difficult either. maybe thats just because im alright at jacks, maybe its because i got a skillboost somewhere in there, maybe no one else cared enough to go for the aaa, who knows. probably no one else cared enough to go for the aaa. onwards to round 2

ROUND 2 - rainy beauty [Heavy] - 3rd place
SDG 5-0-0-1
Sightread: SDG 8-0-0-2

before playing i didnt feel good about this at ALL. like i was guessing i'd sdg after grinding NOPE sdg first try but storn beat me so i guess i have to keep grinding
i still feel i can at least get 3-0-0-0 on this but there are some weird parts right after the half way point that throw me off. ive gotten aaa to there a lot but its not happening

ROUND 3 - EBONY & IVORY [Standard] - T-2nd place
SDG 3-0-0-0
Sightread: 76-4-10-5

sightread sucks because i didnt warm up at all besides a 62 aaa. took me a day to be able to actually read this file, lets see if i can get better than previous round
e: ayy got it (8/28)

ROUND 4 - Amnolys - like 7th or something?
17-0-2-1 (during r5 got a 8-0-2-2 so /shrug)
Sightread: 30-1-2-3

sdgable maybe? need to be able to read the ending though, which as of now (9/1) isnt happening. not much else to say, fun file

---- school's gonna start interfering at this point so who knows what'll happen when im near the yellow /shrug

ROUND 5 - Poison AND/OR Affection - 2nd place
5-0-2-2 (0.4 from sdg)
Sightread: 17-0-2-4
sightread almost equals last round score LUL
fun file, definitely toned down from last round but i welcome that greatly. top 8 here i come :)
also this is a good song i like it

(SPv0 get)

ROUND 6 - Celestial Horizon - 4th place
Sightread: 68-2-15-6
well boys we did it, we made top 8
before playing this the first time i should set a new goal... how about top 3 :)
it was scary but i think im safe now, top 5 time?

ROUND 7 - Alien Lair - help me
Current Score: 93-5-14-17
Sightread: 125-5-24-16
preview reaction: what are those 12th jacks what is that js what is this file what were those polys aaaaaaaaaa
played it now and i dont like it (as in its a good chart i just cant play it), if i can mash better than everyone else im good i guess though? nope im in the yellow

alright everyone else's scores are just too good for me to compete against unless i skillboost, i cant even finish to the first break without ~20 raw goods which is more than i should be getting, not to mention the 12th js and the end js. its just too high difficulty for me. i might try later in the week but im done for now.

-------------------ELIMINATED (5th)------------------
i mean i'm happy with it although i feel like if the difficulty didnt spike up i couldve done better. r8 file looks easier, if it and alien lair were swapped maybe i couldve advanced but i havent played it so thats only speculation. anyways gg storn for skillboosting right at the start and for longer than i (reminder that i started this tourney at level 61 :))

  1. Round 3 I'm just having issues just being consistent. I'm currently at 1-0-0-1. I believe in you <3