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After all these years, I would really like to know why people still try to fake this name. I don't make simfiles anymore, and I don't even play DDR anymore. I currently work for Roxor Games making the ITG3 interface.
I enjoy anything that has to do with Flash and rhythm games. And when they're combined... holy CRAP.
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Hardcore, Trance, anything else.
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Movies that don't suck.
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Hello, I'm a Mac.
Posted on: July 21, 2006, at 08:01:03pm   [2 comments]
After being Dugg twice and killing my Dreamhost server (consuming a half-terabyte of bandwidth in one day), lightdarkness let me use his bandwidth to get it running. After that fails, it's time to use Synth's servers.

Anyway, I just wanted to post this to show people my own personal blog and what it is in fact that I do. The projects aren't very up to date, but it's the closest thing I've got.

The iFizzle - Impossibly Kick-Ass

Enjoy. Let me know what you think.

Profile Image
Posted on: July 20, 2006, at 05:20:24pm   [0 comments]
'Bout time I get an avatar on here.

To those awesome enough to view my profile...
Posted on: July 13, 2006, at 02:16:59pm   [0 comments]
Ever think of playing Spin It Up on a touch screen? Turns out it's even more fun than playing with a mouse. So for the first time ever witnessed by man, SIU on a Tablet PC:


To avoid crashing my server, please don't post this on the forums anywhere. I'm just waiting for Synth to upload it onto his own server. After that he should post it on the main page for everybody to see.

For those of you who don't have a Tablet PC, go to your local Best Buy or Comp USA and try SIU on one of their tablet floor models. You seriously have no idea how much fun it is until you try it yourself.

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Arkuski writes...
at 8:15:43pm on 10/21/12
Are you really him?
MrRubix writes...
at 3:00:09pm on 7/27/09
You got me interested in playing DDR for many years -- thanks man.
MikeShinoda12345 writes...
at 10:46:04pm on 12/22/08
I like your steps
Phynx writes...
at 2:06:37am on 6/3/08
I look up to you... with the greatest admiration.
nate mdance writes...
at 5:29:51pm on 5/4/08
wwwJ4mmYcouk writes...
at 4:51:29am on 5/2/08
SephyxCore writes...
at 12:54:25am on 5/2/08
EnR writes...
at 5:38:52pm on 4/2/08
woah what, you're online D=
ClAsSiC_RoCkEr writes...
at 5:38:06pm on 4/2/08
wow, i didn't even know you still existed.
dacaptain writes...
at 3:54:51pm on 12/15/07
impressive shtuff mang... now i know why ITG has so much ffr influences!
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