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Maplestory Section
Posted on: April 30, 2013, at 10:30:04pm   [5 comments]
[Last Updated 3/7/2017]
Playing Status: dead again
ironically not all that into maple anymore, no time for MMOs and its lost its charm (both pre/post-BB :c)

GMS characters:
Imagerial (Luminous 201)
Kyafann (Kanna 50ish)

ClassicMS characters:
barrysir (dead, Fire/Poison Arch Mage 143)
Viridian (dead, Ice/Lightning Arch Mage 147)

AltruisMS characters:
barrysir (dead, Ice/Lightning Arch Mage 128)

NobleStory characters:
barrysir (dead, Fire/Poison Wizard 53)

MapleRoyals characters:
barrysir (never, Ice/Lightning Mage 70)

MapleLegends characters:
barrysir (rarely, Fire/Poison Wizard 58)

p.s. I/L and F/P are my favourite classes :P

General play times:
GMS - no
ClassicMS - no
AltruisMS - no
NobleStory - no
MapleRoyals - no
MapleLegends - no

Tournament Thread
Posted on: April 15, 2013, at 10:16:34pm   [3 comments]
Previous Tournaments
[1/22/2013-3/20/2013] The 8th Official FFR Tournament - Placement: 1/53 in D3
[4/18/2013-5/2/2013] Badman7772's Tournament of Darkness - Placement: 4/6 in D6
[4/19/2013-6/4/2013] Midnight's Zak Credits Tournament - Placement: 1/7 in D5A
[6/23/2013] FFR Multiplayer Tournament 2013 - Losers Bracket Round 3 in D6
[9/20/2013-10/11/2013] OWA's Pre-Official Tourney Tourney - 1/11 in D3
[10/24/2013-12/19/2013] The 9th Official FFR Tournament - Placement: 12/64 in D6
[6/24/2016-8/20/2016] The 11th Official FFR Tournament - Placement: Round 5, 10/41 in D7
[8/10/2019-10/4/2019] The 12th Official FFR Tournament - Placement: 1/37 in D7 (https://pastebin.com/N1JU51eM)
[7/1/2020-???] The 13th Official FFR Tournament - Placement: 10/21 in D8 (round 5)

[8/22/2015 - 9/27/2015] osu!mania 4k World Cup 2015 (Canadian Team) - eliminated during semifinals, to the Phillipines
[8/6/2016 - 9/11/2016] osu!mania 4k World Cup 2016 (Canadian Team) - eliminated during semifinals, to Brazil
[8/12/2017 - 9/17/2017] osu!mania 4k World Cup 2017 (Canadian Team) - eliminated during semifinals, to UK
[2018] MWC 2018 (too lazy to do links)

Best I'm expecting is round 4 or 5, D8 is full of monsters :( I'll shadow the tourney for as long as I can though.

Round 1: G e n g a o z o (cutoff: 5-0-2-0)

21-1-1-5 -> 17-2-1-2 -> (mirror) -> 11-0-1-1 -> 9-0-2-1 -> 6-0-1-1 -> 6-0-0-1 -> 5-0-0-0 -> (played other stuff) -> 1-0-0-0

Wew what an adventure for round 1. I thought it didn't look so bad, I can do the trills in Rave7 fine which are the same speed, but I just couldn't nail these streams down, even though I could hit them in isolation. I realized though I was much more relaxed playing the streams in isolation than in a run. So I consciously relaxed myself from "jack form" to "stream form" before the streams and bingo. A bit of a zen moment in mania.

That let me get it down to 5-6g but no further. So I gave up and played other stuff for a while. Came back and blackflagged it first try. Alright I guess.

Depending on how competitive the others are the cutoff could go as low as 2-3g, but it looks like it'll hover around an SDG. Half of D8 AAAing it is not good premonitions for the later rounds though.

Happy Canada Day!

D7 - Inferno of Fomalhaut (AAA): 3 tries!!! (I never AAA anything) D7 gets a bombass file for their first round.

Round 2: Brrrreeed Cicadididi (cutoff: 2-0-0-1)

(mirror) -> 21-0-3-4 -> 12-0-1-2 -> 13-0-0-0 -> 9-0-1-0 -> 4-0-1-2

Couldn't get properly warmed up today, but even playing like a wet noodle I got 4g which should tell you how the rest of D8 will do. The 48th burst in the middle is the only tough-to-AAA part, the rest of the file is a consistencyfest which at 280bpm is no problem for D8. 2g should be easy, if I get 1g I'll be happy, but that'll have to be on another day :x

D5 - Sunset Sky Garden (1.3x 14-0-1-0): gonna try this on rates, looks fun. 1.4x looks SDGable, maybe 1.5x
D6 - Raspberry Railgun (AAA, 2 tries): coolest looking file this round imo, and OSTER :D, curses to bmah but also awesome file
D7 - The Glorious (Final Sketch Remix) (like 90g lol -> 40g -> (gave up and played other stuff) -> 6-0-1-3 -> 3-0-1-1 -> 1-0-0-0 -> AAA, 9 tries): hell yes, I forgot FFR had Final Sketch permissions. Faster than it looks but I managed to get it after a looong warmup.

7/10/2020 (no improvement) - Quaver release day, managed to get warmed up so I took another crack at the song. I take back saying it's easy, I keep bleeding goods randomly on the chart now. It's probably a speed problem, I feel like I could cut off a bunch of the randomness by playing at a slightly slower rate. Hope it's just stiffness again. I'll try warming up through jacks in a couple days and see how it goes.

7/13/2020 (4-0-0-0 -> 2-0-0-0): Fingers finally loosened up and I gave it another try, now I'm getting 1-2g consistently, so it was just stiff fingers (hooray) :o. I don't even feel safe at 2g though, if everyone plays and gets <=2g (which everyone is capable of doing) it'll drop everyone with 2g into a nasty multi-way tiebreaker :x Choked a 1-0-0-1 at the end, would've kept playing it but I had to go for other stuff. Maybe I'll try it again later or take my chances, I dunno.

I didn't play it again and the cutoff ended up at 2-0-0-1, so PHEW dodged a bullet there. It could've easily gone lower if the 3 people who got eliminated decided to grind for 2g. D8 gets the tightest cutoff of all the divisions :(

Round 3: J-CORE SLi//CER Technique (cutoff: 2-0-0-1)

MASHCORE ROUND 2, let's go
17-1-3-2 -> 5-0-1-0 -> 3-0-0-0 (-> a 2-0-0-0 choke -> a 1-0-0-1 choke)

7/15/2020: Watching the preview, those triple jacks had me really worried, but they turned out ok. Still riding the wave of good days from last week, pretty good score! Tried to lower it to 2g or 1g for a while but it wasn't happening, and my hands hurt now. Maybe try it again another day.

There's 5 tricky bits to this file:
- around note 550: the 48th bursts are a little awkward, I'm mostly consistent but it's easy to drop a good on them
- around note 900: a dense section here, and also an awkward [4] anchor which really throws me off
- around note 1400: a minijack-into-hand which I keep dropping a good on for some reason, need to learn where it is
- the ending: usually consistent on this but I've choked it more than enough times too
- the very last arrow: I've taken my hands off the keyboard about 3 times now LOL. Somehow managed to hit it every time (even moved my hands down to my lap once - got a good)

The leaderboards right now make me think 3g is more or less safe, but it'll be on the lower end of D8. 1g-2g would be an optimal score for me.

D7 - HeadXplit (5-1-2-0 -> AAA): rood bursts, really nasty tourney file. Would not be happy grinding this for a AAA >.> glad I got it quickly

7/21/2020 (2-0-0-0) - Jokes, 3g wasn't safe :( My hands were stiff in the morning but they loosened up in the afternoon (pre-warming up??) Choked another 1-0-0-1 and then the 2g run was almost a choke. Opie also improved his score, and klimt/toaph got in a two-way tie over the pee line, so improving my score didn't eliminate anyone, hooray :o

Round 4: I'm A Fucking Idiot (cutoff: 8-0-0-1)

yes I can do the pattern. Is this what this round is gonna be about :(

38-1-9-2 -> 27-1-2-1 -> 22-1-3-2 -> 9-0-2-1 -> 10-0-0-0 -> 6-0-0-1 (-> 5-1-0-1, 4-1-1-2)

D7 - Chronomia (sightread AAA!): Yoo these bursts are really fun. Pretty relentless, I wouldn't want to grind this for a AAA either. Looks like D7 has this down though :o

Round 5: Track title (cutoff: 25-1-0-2)

Can't believe I made it to Round 5. What's this round like...

104-0-18-2 -> 62-1-16-3 -> 48-6-16-4 -> (bunch of failed attempts)

Oh boy now D8 is really starting. This file is still mostly in the playable range, but some of these bursts are definitely out of my ability to hit properly.

* drop a few goods on the intro to random patterns mostly
* 32nds burst in the jumpstream around 2000 notes
* burst with the 141414 white-blue trill around 2100 notes
* split trill before the wall in the ending
* the wall

I'd need to be on a good jack day to play this well. Optimally I think I can get 30ish goods and single digit misses on this (probably around 50 raw goods), but the way the leaderboard looks right now, people will be getting in the 20s-30s... If I make it to the next round, I'm going to be barely sliding into 8th place.

D7 - Vantablack (10-0-1-2): D7 gets another sick chart, dang. Pretty bad score, need to play it a few times to really clean it up :x

8/3/2020: 39-3-11-5 -> 35-0-6-2
8/4/2020: 30-1-4-2

I'm done, sorry dudes :heart_eyes:

On Monday I gave it another try and I actually managed to hit the jumpstream and the ending in isolation (like 6-10g -- way better than the 40 or so I'd get in a run before), which gave me hope :D But ultimately they're too fast, along with the rest of the file I'm not fast enough to string it all together.

I managed to close the gap a bunch though from 100g -> 42g, while the next guy has 37ish, which is way less disappointing than getting elim'd with 100g. Optimally I think I could still lower it a bit but it's pretty good. 3x goods and single-digit misses, exactly where I said it'd be.

See y'all in the Revenge tournament.

D7 (nvm): Vantablack is a pain in the butt to AAA, it's like Super Soaker where you get goods for no reason :x Don't want to grind for it, maybe later

Round 6: Zygourous Distribution (cutoff: 29-0-1-1)

139-5-17-6 -> 120-13-16-12 -> 95-2-6-9 -> 70-2-6-9 -> 54-2-4-7 -> 56-3-2-7
(60-2-2-6: near FC)

Even though it's straight jumpstream the density bursts in the jumpstream play a lot like an FFR file and they're fun to try and optimize :D Couldn't quite get a run which nailed all the bursts but this score is pretty good for my standards. Optimally maybe 30g-40g is possible, but that'll be pretty brutal not goodrushing on anything. Thanks for the fun file hi19 :D

D7 - [line:epsilon] (5g -> 2g -> 1g1m -> AAA): cool speed file, fun patterns, nice :o I was worried about the anchor in the last stream but it wasn't so bad.

Round 7: Isometry (cutoff: 12-0-3-1)

67-6-9-2 -> 51-0-8-2 -> 52-0-5-3 -> 39-4-5-2 -> 37-3-2-4

This file is such a dump but pretty dang fun to play. It's also speedstreams and weird manip which is right up my alley :v Could be cleaner but my right hand won't let me get through the intro jacks without less than 14 goods. Overall thanks again hi19 :D

also 33-3-1-3 on Zygourous holy smokes

D7 - We Want To Run (AAA): w h y

Round 8: Revenge (cutoff: 3-0-1-0)

138-4-30-5 -> 137-4-16-5 -> 106-0-16-9 -> 97-2-16-5

Probably lowerable by a bit on a day where I have more control over my hands. Pretty fun honestly, it's insanely fast but still mostly controllable. Bolt Thrower v2 :D Thanks Halogen!

D7 - Sinthasomphone (17-0-4-0 -> 14-0-3-0 -> 13-0-1-1): This one will take some work. Not my day to play this, keep shedding random goods on the bursts. Everything should be doable outside the longjacks (and possibly the ending, I'm not consistent on it.) I'm going to try finger switching the 5-jacks, if I nail them all I can get 0-1g on them. Possibly SDG/low SDG. Will try this on a better day.

Posted on: March 29, 2013, at 07:42:51pm   [1 comment]

FFR related things
Posted on: September 3, 2012, at 10:57:15am   [1 comment]
Skill Rank: high d7, tachyon v2 (not anymore)
smrankings etterna osu

Strengths: burst manipulation, speedstreams, stamina
Weaknesses: jacks, walls, carpal tunnel :(

rip old difficulty system
Scarhand Gets
1. Wraith (81/87) [4/8/14]
2. 11ELEVEN (82/88) [4/13/14]
3. Shitsubou Choco (79/84) [11/14/2014] not scarhand anymore \:D/
4. To Make The End Of Battle (79/85) [2/15/2015]
5. Our Journey and Epilogue. (86/92) [2/18/2015]
6. FREEDOM DiVE (88/94) [3/7/2015] .-.
7. Love Hurts (Lonely Dance Mix) (85/91) [3/18/2015]
8. Etude for the Sinners (85/91) [3/18/2015]
9. Fantex[cuajwaoqn8898 (86/92) [8/20/2015]
10. sniffing stardust on the dancefloor (88) [9/29/2017]
11. My Fxxkin Desire For You (88) [10/11/2017]
12. The party's starting! (90) [10/11/2017]
13. Ah Shwe Bah (87) [12/13/2017]

derby holy CRAP
(0. Firmament Castle "velier" (rerated to 99) [9/21/2019] but it wasn't what I unlocked it on)
1. Stress Free Style (99) [10/3/2019]
2. grind4 (95) [10/3/2019]
3. C'est What? (100 98) [10/5/2019]
4. Jamais Vu (100) [10/5/2019]
5. ephemera (95) [10/17/2019]
6. LOSHAXI (96) [10/17/2019]
7. HeadXplit (95) [7/15/2020]
8. Hyper Weaboo Vodka Shots (100) [7/21/2020]

Good Scores
(90) Milky Blue - 1-1-1-1
(86/92) Our Journey and Epilogue - AAA
(94) Fractured Sunshine - 1-0-0-0
(88/94) FREEDOM DiVE - AAA
(89/95) grind4 - 1-0-0-0
(89/95) thinking of you - 0-0-0-1
(89/96) Eclipse (Solar) - 3-0-0-0
(89/97) Epidermis v2 - 2-0-0-1
(90/97) All your base are belong to me - 2-1-0-1
(90/98) La Campanella - 3-0-0-0
(99) Stress Free Style - 0-1-0-0
(99) Stress Free Style - AAA woooo
(93/100) Ongaku -kaiongaku mix- - 0-0-0-1 oof
(93/100) Jamais Vu - AAA
(94/101) Rave 7 - 8-0-0-4
(94/101) do i smile? - 9-0-0-1
(95/102) Heterochromia Iridis - 3-0-1-0
(96/103) Staple on Smile - 7-0-0-3
(96/103) Disappearance of Hatsune Miku - 2-0-0-0 fuargh
(103) Powerflux - 10-0-1-1
(108) RATO - 22-1-0-1 ???????

9tp scores: 12, 10tp scores: 1
5 years on FFR: 10/23/2013
10bil grandtotal: 11/1/2013
1mil credits: 8/5/2016
wtf i've been playing this game for 10 years

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I played through every main game on ROMs with a friend years back.. Super fun experience. Would love to get the actual cartridges for collector's sake at some point!
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at 1:04:10am on 9/26/20
I love the sprites from Heartbreak the most, but both games are great :3
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yooo nice d8 promo
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Grats on D8!!
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yo grats on D8 dude :o
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D7 Champion Gratz!
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my dude :) nice work man
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