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Maplestory Section
Posted on: April 30, 2013, at 10:30:04pm   [5 comments]
[Last Updated 3/7/2017]
Playing Status: dead again
ironically not all that into maple anymore, no time for MMOs and its lost its charm (both pre/post-BB :c)

GMS characters:
Imagerial (Luminous 201)
Kyafann (Kanna 50ish)

ClassicMS characters:
barrysir (dead, Fire/Poison Arch Mage 143)
Viridian (dead, Ice/Lightning Arch Mage 147)

AltruisMS characters:
barrysir (dead, Ice/Lightning Arch Mage 128)

NobleStory characters:
barrysir (dead, Fire/Poison Wizard 53)

MapleRoyals characters:
barrysir (never, Ice/Lightning Mage 70)

MapleLegends characters:
barrysir (rarely, Fire/Poison Wizard 58)

p.s. I/L and F/P are my favourite classes :P

General play times:
GMS - no
ClassicMS - no
AltruisMS - no
NobleStory - no
MapleRoyals - no
MapleLegends - no

Tournament Thread
Posted on: April 15, 2013, at 10:16:34pm   [2 comments]
Previous Tournaments
[1/22/2013-3/20/2013] The 8th Official FFR Tournament - Placement: 1/53 in D3
[4/18/2013-5/2/2013] Badman7772's Tournament of Darkness - Placement: 4/6 in D6
[4/19/2013-6/4/2013] Midnight's Zak Credits Tournament - Placement: 1/7 in D5A
[6/23/2013] FFR Multiplayer Tournament 2013 - Losers Bracket Round 3 in D6
[9/20/2013-10/11/2013] OWA's Pre-Official Tourney Tourney - 1/11 in D3
[10/24/2013-12/19/2013] The 9th Official FFR Tournament - Placement: 12/64 in D6
[6/24/2016-8/20/2016] The 11th Official FFR Tournament - Placement: Round 5, 10/41 in D7
[8/10/2019-10/4/2019] The 12th Official FFR Tournament - Placement: 1/37 in D7

[8/22/2015 - 9/27/2015] osu!mania 4k World Cup 2015 (Canadian Team) - eliminated during semifinals, to the Phillipines
[8/6/2016 - 9/11/2016] osu!mania 4k World Cup 2016 (Canadian Team) - eliminated during semifinals, to Brazil
[8/12/2017 - 9/17/2017] osu!mania 4k World Cup 2017 (Canadian Team) - eliminated during semifinals, to UK
[2018] MWC 2018 (too lazy to do links)

guess we're starting this again

Round 1: Super Soaker
First try: 8-0-3-1 (?)
Second try: 5-0-1-0
Third try: 3-0-0-1

Easy, speedstreams and comfy :D R3 Air did some funky jittering on my computer and would drop goods randomly, but this new client fixed it.
edit: Nuts to this, i can't beat 3-0-0-1 xD these framers suck, I ain't AAAing this

bonus: Violent Arcade - 17-0-2-3. jeez those jacks in the last half suck >.> this file is kinda fun though

Round 2: October (Dark Autumn Remix)
First try: 9-2-1-1
Second try: 2-0-2-0
Third try: 2-0-1-1 (should've been 2-0-0-1 but my keyboard missed >:k)
15th try: 2-0-0-1

Wow easier than Super Soaker, AAA fest incoming? Fun bursts :D Could probably AAA but it's long and I keep getting random goods, I don't want to grind it out :v I'll improve it if I have to

bonus: Wanderflux - 41-5-8-11. dude ffasfasdf carpal tunnel my hands keep unbalancing and I drop 10 raw goods. File is insanely fun though. Best I could do maybe like 30g (plus random av/miss/boo stuff), I'm not fast enough to play those really dense jumptrill-streams.

Round 3: LOSHAXI
First try: 22-0-4-0
Second try: 14-0-2-2
Third try: 14-0-2-1
Fourth try: 6-0-0-0
aoijrgoapeijg try: 1-0-1-2 (1-0-0-2 choke)
speoseisoqwr try: 2-0-0-0
(switched to mirror)
xmnznlkxnlkdn try: 1-0-0-0

aargh AAAing stuff, probably played this like 100 times and still don't have it -_- Maybe I'll keep grinding for it later. Jacks are tricky but consistently doable. Mirror moves most of the tricky right-hand patterns to the left hand (less chance of carpal tunnel spaghetti) in exchange for a couple of new jacky spots on the left, which I managed to get consistent enough after some practice :v

bonus: Gamma Stop Sending Me High Quality Rips - 127-6-18-11 94-5-14-11 79-6-7-9. Insanely fun like Wanderflux :D Probably my favourite mashcore file in game so far. Hands kind of spaghetti the ending and drop like 40 goods there :( It's hella fast

Round 4: Verse IV
First try: 12g ish i forgot
Second try: 5-0-1-0
Third try: 5-0-0-1
15th try: 3-0-0-0
28th try: 2-0-0-0

Oh no this song :(

All of the difficulty is crammed into the intro; I'm just barely too slow to hit the wall comfortably -- exit it with like 1 or 2 goods. The intro patterns are decently awkward too. The rest of the file is AAA fodder. A full AAA is theoretically possible but I'd have to get really lucky to hit the intro perfectly. The cutoff's already looking to be around 7g (once everyone plays) -- looks like it'll be a tight round.

bonus: That's Gonna Be - 44-2-4-5. Another super fun D8 file. Pattern manip heaven.

Round 5: to luv me i *** for u
First try: 24-1-5-2
Second try: 11-0-3-0
Fourth try: 5-0-0-0
Fifth try: 2-0-1-0 (2-0-0-0 choke)
?? try: 2-0-0-2
?? try: 1-0-0-0

oh no anchors, like the worst possible pattern for my hands :( Thankfully they're slow enough that it doesn't completely tank me, but the intro still makes me squirm a little bit. The minijacks are easy, the streams aren't so bad (the ending is kinda fast but AAAable), the jumpstreams are actually easier than the single streams. Theoretically AAAable but the RNG I need for my fingers to not trip up is not gonna happen.

9/7/2019: apparently 4g2b raw isn't good enough so I improved it to a 2-0-0-2 :v dropped 1-0-0-1 to the streams (left hand part), another 1-0-0-1 to the final jumpstream, and AAAed the ending. Took like 20 tries to get past the beginning without missing. I think my keys are starting to break... This puts me at 5th which isn't comforting but I don't think 4 more people will beat that score. I'll keep trying to improve it

9/7/2019: Blackflag, good. 2nd on the leaderboards :D I mirrored it and hands started hitting the intro consistently; dropped a good in the last stream burst and nailed the ending.

bonus: Extratone Firestorm - 296-14-65-17. Could be improved a lot if my hands would be less dumb... but I can't hit those 150 bpm jacks anyways, that's where most of those goods came from :( Suffice to say I don't want to play this again to improve it xD I'm sure my replay for this would be awesome, like my left hand desyncing first and goodrushing, then my right hand desyncs and starts goodrushing and then I start mashing to try and get back on :p

Round 6: High-Priestess
First try: 59-2-7-4
Second try: 27-1-0-1 (didn't record)
Third try: 28-1-3-2 (did record)
...: 20-2-3-3
...: 19-1-1-0 (hands spaghetti'd ending)
8-10th?: 9-0-1-1. There we go

beginning - 0-1g, if i can cleanly hit the 4 jack
first stream - 1-2g, possibly 0, just that one transition into the 3 jack is hard. jumpgluts are fine
ending jack section - goddammit like 3-5g (warmed up). I can hit each of them individually but altogether is crazy. I know hi19 reads this so >:(
ending stream section - totally AAAable but my left hand isn't being too responsive rn and I drop a bunch of goods on one particularly trilly pattern. Either that or my right hand locks and drops goods that way. I can't play this file non-mirror cause there's a tricky pattern my right hand can't do consistently

mid SDG possible. D7 will be tight again I think -- I know at least 3 people are good at jacks in this round. I gotta go to bed, taiko tournament tomorrow. I'll probably write this more coherently later.

9/14/2019: We lost the taiko tournament :( 1-7. Japan too strong.

9/14/2019: 3-1-1-2 -> 6-0-0-0.
- intro is consistently AAAable
- first stream 0-1g
- by some magic, getting more comfortable with the jacks, like 2-3g now o_o
- stream still AAAable but I keep spaghettiing it xD
I think that's good enough though, hopefully I can still improve it to a 3g or 4g if I need to when more people play it.

bonus: Bolt Thrower In A Chinese Restaurant- 138-8-23-12. FINALLY get to play this after hearing about it for so dang long. Song makes one hell of a boss song. Not as fast as everyone hyped it up to be, def could see some of the other D7 players being able to play this half-decently (jacks are my worst skill by far and this file has a lot of em).

edit: good day, improved to 94-2-9-9. sub 100 and less than 10 misses :D But that's as good as it's gonna get I think

Round 7: The Little Devil's Heart Pounding Amusement Park
First try: 47-1-9-3
Second try: 25-3-2-4
(some warmup later - I sightread AAA'd Firmament Castle Velier o.o)

I heard Daikyi chart and screamed -_- but it turned out pretty fun. The bursts are awkward but manageable and there's enough of them to keep me on my toes (I'm starting to dig the song too)

- rainbow burst at beginning: 0-1g, but it's easy to restart
- rave7 stream: 0-1g 50% of the time, for some reason I can't hit it consistently :v
- first polystream: AAA usually - 2g if unlucky, minijack at the end is alright
- second polystream/trill (1400): 1-3g. I thought the trill was impossible but after warming up I can kind of play it o.o It's manipable at least, and I can mitigate good drops on it. My cue to get ready for the trills is a 12341234 orange burst in the polystream.
- 32nd bursts (1800): 2-4g, these are surprisingly the hard part of the file. It's really easy for my right hand to lose control of these, I have to manip them and even then some of them are not manipable.
- rainbow bursts at end: 0-1g, probably 50% I get a good on either burst

A lot of the file comes down to the trills and the 32nd bursts in the latter half of the song, which is kind of inconvenient to score on. Optimal run would be somewhere around 2-3g (good trills, don't mess up the 32nd bursts). I'm glad I got an SDG; hope 3 more people aren't able to do the same :v

9/21/2019: improved to 4-0-0-3 (3-0-0-2 without goofs) :D 2-0-0-2 on trill, 1g on bursts, 1b in break, 1g on the last burst (very last note :c) I'll take that :D

9/24/2019: improved to 4-0-0-1

TIEBREAKER: Ra Variationen - 56-0-13-5. fdgusdhgn trills please :( Especially the long 1414 trills in the middle. This file is super fun though. would've lost if I was in the tiebreaker :v

bonus: not gonna even try Fireball, it looks like a nightmare

Round 8: Mishnu

Man I gotta stop playing these so late, my brain doesn't wanna say anything at these times >.>

This file kind of defies all ways to break it down, but I'll give rough timestamps of where I have trouble:

200 - intro is kind of tricky, but since it's the intro it's fine.
600 - fast white wall burst (AAA usually)
1225 - break, then two weird bursts in succession (1-2g)
1800 - one long weird burst, into a break (0-1g)
2100 - short weird burst right after the break (0-1g)
2200 - fast white wall burst (AAA usually)
2600 - 1-framer (1g >:c)
2650 - weird burst (0-1g)

Everything before 1200 is easy. The second of the weird bursts is pretty tough and I'll usually drop 1g on it or spaghetti the run. The rest of the bursts aren't hard but still nervewracking and somewhat easy to spaghetti. That 1-framer jack should be easy but it's still getting me, I'll get used to it eventually <.<

Choked several 2g runs going into the ending. AAA is definitely possible, but man that's gonna be frustrating to get if I have to. I'm sure that 6-0-0-2 is beatable, and I'll probably have to improve it later. GL you guys in D7.

Oh yeah this file is freakin awesome, thanks Deamerai for the super fun chart :)

bonus: bike - 236-10-41-2. Wow this is brutally fast. I think I could do this at 250bpm, but 260bpm is too much :v definitely significantly improvable if I get on a stamina JS day, it's not that stamina draining just too fast. Most of those goods and misses were from my right hand desyncing in the last half of the file.

10/3/2019 - asbxlkjrlmlkma I can't get it :( I've played this so many times I can run down exactly where I get a good

600 - for some reason I can't hit this. My left hand won't hit the [1] key fast enough and I get a good on the last note
1200-1400 - either I misread the first burst and get 1g, or spaz the last burst and die or get 1g-2g. Either way I'm not exiting this burst with less than 1g
1750 - this dang jumpjack on the right hand, it wasn't a problem on friday but now my right hand won't do it at all. Run killer 50% of the time, 1g at least
1800 - usually ok but I can goof it and spill the run
2100 - this is weird but I can hit it most of the time.
2600 - still can't hit this one framer consistently LOL. 1g
2650 - I've never gotten a good run up to this point, but I spaghetti this too like 30% of the time

So that makes 4 run killers and at least 3g. I dunno what I was doing on Friday to play it so well. I'm still grinding, but this ain't happening man :(

10/4/2019 - 3-0-0-2.

Mic drop I guess. 4 sessions dedicated to this file. I highlighted Opie to tell him -- if he beats it I'm ok with that. I'll put more when I can figure out what to say


So yeaah, ever since I played it on the first day of the round I've had 4 more sessions on 4 different days, entirely about trying to beat my original score. I knew I could get better than 6-0-0-2 -- I wasn't gonna have that listed as my round score if I could prevent it -- and Opie's score motivated me even more to beat it.

But jeez, I was not expecting it to take that long: in those 4 sessions I've played this file at least 100 times, and I never beat 6g during that whole time. I've mindblocked this file on normal, and mirror had some awkward bursts my right hand couldn't keep control on -- or so I thought, until Friday when I had an especially warm day and I guess it all worked out. I played it a few more times afterward for more improvements but I lost it -- 3-0-0-2 is where it stands.

That last-minute snipe wasn't intentional and I feel sour about it :( It just happened that out of the 4 sessions dedicated to grinding this file, the session I had on the day the tournament ended was the one I broke through on.

I'm still not entirely satisfied with that score, I'm pretty sure on an optimal run I can get 1g or 2g, and that would've been a good score. 3-0-0-2 is alright, and 6-0-0-2 is sloppy -- because I know I can hit all the bursts, but none of the runs I had (before the top score) managed to get all of them together, either due to hands slipping up, or random goods. But that'll be later cause I'm sick of this song for the time being :P


Well, thanks for reading if you have. Thanks for the new official tournament and all the new files :) This post is already too long so that's it.

Posted on: March 29, 2013, at 07:42:51pm   [1 comment]

FFR related things
Posted on: September 3, 2012, at 10:57:15am   [1 comment]
Skill Rank: high d7, tachyon v2 (not anymore)
smrankings etterna osu

Weaknesses: jacks, walls, carpal tunnel :(
Strengths: stamina, speedstreams, pattern manipulation maybe

rip old difficulty system
Scarhand Gets
1. Wraith (81/87) [4/8/14]
2. 11ELEVEN (82/88) [4/13/14]
3. Shitsubou Choco (79/84) [11/14/2014] not scarhand anymore \:D/
4. To Make The End Of Battle (79/85) [2/15/2015]
5. Our Journey and Epilogue. (86/92) [2/18/2015]
6. FREEDOM DiVE (88/94) [3/7/2015] .-.
7. Love Hurts (Lonely Dance Mix) (85/91) [3/18/2015]
8. Etude for the Sinners (85/91) [3/18/2015]
9. Fantex[cuajwaoqn8898 (86/92) [8/20/2015]
10. sniffing stardust on the dancefloor (88) [9/29/2017]
11. My Fxxkin Desire For You (88) [10/11/2017]
12. The party's starting! (90) [10/11/2017]
13. Ah Shwe Bah (87) [12/13/2017]

derby holy CRAP
(0. Firmament Castle "velier" (99) [9/21/2019] but it wasn't what I unlocked it on)
1. Stress Free Style (99) [10/3/2019]
2. grind4 (95) [10/3/2019]
3. C'est What? (100?) [10/5/2019]
4. Jamais Vu (100) [10/5/2019]
5. ephemera (95) [10/17/2019]
6. LOSHAXI (96) [10/17/2019]

Good Scores
(90) Milky Blue - 1-1-1-1
(86/92) Our Journey and Epilogue - AAA
(94) Fractured Sunshine - 1-0-0-0
(88/94) FREEDOM DiVE - AAA
(89/95) grind4 - 1-0-0-0
(89/95) thinking of you - 0-0-0-1
(89/96) Eclipse (Solar) - 3-0-0-0
(89/97) Epidermis v2 - 2-0-0-1
(90/97) All your base are belong to me - 2-1-0-1
(90/98) La Campanella - 3-0-0-0
(99) Stress Free Style - 0-1-0-0
(99) Stress Free Style - AAA woooo
(93/100) Ongaku -kaiongaku mix- - 0-0-0-1 oof
(93/100) Jamais Vu - AAA
(94/101) Rave 7 - 8-0-0-4
(94/101) do i smile? - 9-0-0-1
(95/102) Heterochromia Iridis - 3-0-1-0
(96/103) Staple on Smile - 7-0-0-3
(96/103) Disappearance of Hatsune Miku - 2-0-0-0 fuargh
(103) Powerflux - 10-0-1-1
(108) RATO - 22-1-0-1 ???????

9tp scores: 12, 10tp scores: 1
5 years on FFR: 10/23/2013
10bil grandtotal: 11/1/2013
1mil credits: 8/5/2016
wtf i've been playing this game for 10 years

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D7 Champion Gratz!
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Jesus nice unlock
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how the hell did you not have derby lmao
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good luck my dude <o/
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I love reading your tournament thoughts so far, grats on 2-0-1-0 to luv me!
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