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I run... a lot. Like 90 miles a week. Sort of rare for people that play this game. I wouldn't consider myself a gamer, I just play this game because it is ridiculously fun.
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FFR Tournament #8: Division 6 Blog
Posted on: January 23, 2013, at 05:51:11pm   [3 comments]

Round 1: Pussy Pump

Struggling to find motivation to compete in this tournament because of lag issues. Hopefully I can figure them out. I managed to find a browser that was lag free (at least for this evening), so I knocked Pussy Pump out. Not sure what the hell this song is, but it made me chuckle. Not too tough, but it definitely has some spots that could cause mindblocks. Thus, I am glad I got it out of the way before I developed any.

On to the next!

Round 2: Beautiful Arrythmia

Not much to say here. The fiance was in town most of the week, so I basically slapped together a 2 good run mid week and called it good. Probably could have gotten the AAA, but there were two many spots that just gave me trouble. Pretty cool file, though. Still not feeling in the tournament mood, sadly.

Round 3: Weapon

This file gave me serious headaches. Anchored jacks usually don't give me too much trouble, but I have never really dealt with a file with so... many... jacks. Ugh. I really didn't have trouble with any pattern, but just the general grind of 4 minutes with no breaks. Without fail my eyes watered up and got blurry right around 2000 combo, making it awfully difficult to rip through that section. Anyway, I eventually got a 1 good run. Hopefully that gets me through cause I don't want to play it anymore. (I mean let's be honest, there is no chance 24 people beat a blackflag)

Official Tournament Log
Posted on: July 9, 2012, at 07:08:04pm   [2 comments]
Never done one of these.. so what the heck, here it goes.

Round 1: Spoils (AAA).

I wasn't expecting this type of song, but I really enjoyed the file. I generally do pretty well on long rock files as long as there aren't stupid long jacks thrown in (ahem Blindfolds Aside). I can straight up destroy left handed trills, so this file would have been cake if it wasn't for the jump jacks. The first jump jack was tough for me (left hand jacks, ewww), but the seconds was really easy. My only other trouble spot was the triple left jack later in the song (yeah, my left hand is that bad). I got the AAA pretty quickly (thankfully) despite those trouble spots. This definitely could have been a frustrating round, but fortunately I got it :)

I need to now go get a skill boost if I want to survive much longer!

Round 2: Since 1983 (AAA):

PHEW. Wow. After first reading the description, I thought I would have no trouble with this song. 24th runs are probably my strongest pattern. However, some of the runs toward the end are crazy fast and put some serious pressure on one hand trill speed, which my right hand is lacking a bit. I got 2 clean on my first serious run, but then I looked at the dashboard and saw people were crushing this song. Fortunately, 2 runs later I got the AAA despite almost splitting goods like 10 times in the last 20 seconds because I was nervous. Regardless, this is an awesome song/file for a tournament and I will probably play it some more for fun this week :)

Midweek edit: This song is a joke. AAA'd it 5 times in a row now. I must just not have been warmed up last time, haha. Still fun though! :)

Round 3: Shotgun Surgery (AAA)

Ah. I finally got past the dreaded third round! Last year, I got more mental blocked on the intro to Amen Iraq than I can even describe, so I got booted 1 boo short of advancing. I was starting to get worried that I would suffer a similar fate after mega derping a 1-1-0-1 in the last 10 notes the first day the song came out. I then went on to comment about how easy the intro was, only to struggle with it for 2 straight days (pride comes before the fall!)

Wednesday, however, I got warmed up for the first time (like REALLY warmed up) and was just crushing the intro, giving me several good cracks at the AAA. After several runs coming to disappointing ends (several 2-0-0-0 scores), I finally managed to keep my nerves somewhat in check enough to nab the AAA. Onward we go!

Note: I really like the direction the tournament has taken this year. Another 75 ish difficulty song would have just been stupid. I like cranking it up early and often so we can really see who is the best!

Round 4: Sleepmix Strikes Back

Well, this is literally driving me nuts. I can't play until Saturday night, and even that will be suspect. It is looking like this will come down to my ability to warm up after not playing at all for a week and AAA an 83 in less than 2 hours with my highest current AAA being an 80. Yep, it's looking good lol.


WOW I think I am through. I am writing this at 11:59. I managed to crank out a 2 good run (that really should have been 1, but I wasn't paying attention at the beginning). Regardless, I think I just made it to the top 16... which is awesome. I am very very happy considering I have never even made it to the top 24. About the file... strange is the best word I can think of. Mindblock city would be another good name, so thankfully I got a good enough score before I totally forgot how to even play the intro :)

My FFR career in a nutshell
Posted on: February 6, 2011, at 07:31:02pm   [7 comments]
I have decided to set out a series of goals to accomplish before I retire from FFR. In the summer of 2013, there is a very good chance I will be getting married. At that time, I will quit FFR for good. It will be hard to quit, but at some point I need to move on.

AAA All Master (75) and below [ ]
AAA 25 Gurus (76) or above []
AAA 3 Brutals (83)or above
SDG 1 Ridiculous (90) or above

I will track my progress below... Updated 9/28/12
Token Ranks not included


Perfect Cherry Storm
Pitch Black
Cinnamon Roll
Aim Burst
4 Chord Touhou
Blindfolds Aside
Dead and Direct
World Tour 2004
Amen Iraq
Mario Minor
Press Start

Guru AAAs (76 and up)

Crash up against the Inevitable
Kono Spoon,suteki desu ne
Momentary Life
Piano Corcerto 1 AntiAres
He's a Radical Rat
Frictional Nevada
Gunkienen Tarusuigin
Jamais Deux
Since 1983
Shotgun Surgery

Comment wall
Xx{Fallen}xX writes...
at 6:31:22pm on 12/20/13
RB_Spirit writes...
at 11:33:40pm on 10/30/13
Oh hell yeah, just noticed you were in the tournament!
Good luck
RB_Spirit writes...
at 4:17:59pm on 3/7/13
Haha i tried to make top 8, sorry :/ 10th place is good enough for me i'm very pleased. Wish i could've got top 8 for you, or better yet i wish round 4 wasn't a complete weakness for you >.< 2-9 was a complete luck AAA for me.
RB_Spirit writes...
at 5:03:27pm on 2/20/13
No prob bro, i'll make top 8 just for u! :p
RB_Spirit writes...
at 3:08:57pm on 2/20/13
Hey dude, sorry to see you drop out round 4, you would've made it further in round 5 then i'm going to make, but anyway congrats on placing 17th man, don't know u much but i hear you're getting married soon, and i wish you the best of luck~
shadow 1800 writes...
at 6:42:02pm on 2/19/13
What Bobby and Spirit said, DOOO EEEEET!!!!!
RB_Spirit writes...
at 11:40:25pm on 2/18/13
You should go AAA 2-9. Pretty sure herogashi is going to AAA it .____. bet he's saving it till the last minute~
SK8R43 writes...
at 1:54:55am on 2/15/13
Nice job getting rank 8!! And haha whats up? XD
shadow 1800 writes...
at 12:35:37pm on 2/14/13
I just saw your BF choke on 2-9. ouch dude :(
SK8R43 writes...
at 2:07:36am on 2/14/13
haha oh I see :P
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