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simply incredible
Posted on: July 3, 2016, at 01:15:01am

ive been playing ddr ever since i was a child (and i only ever used a controller, im terrible on pad)
ive had stepmania for two years now and ive played thousands of songs of all difficulty levels
ive played cytus, ive played osu!, ive played iidx, ive played guitar hero
ive played so many combinations and permutations of rhythm games, so many variations of "do a thing to hit the note in time with the music"

and yet im absolutely floored by how hard ffr can be

ive been here for 1.03 years now and im a d2 player
i can fc most songs in the 30-40 range and a few 40+s
the hardest chart ive ever aaa'd was a 30 and i was somewhat familiar with the song beforehand
but ive seen the 70+ songs on ffr and theyre insanely difficult in comparison to my skill level
theyre so dense i can barely register individual arrows its just a blur of colors at like 24 notes per second
and yet people can aaa these??? there are human beings capable of such impossible feats
thats amazing

i thought i was good at rhythm games but this is Too Much