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m3t4kn1ght writes...
at 1:44:12pm on 4/6/11
thx for the vote
animekidrah13 writes...
at 11:20:02am on 4/6/11
Cee kun writes...
at 3:26:31pm on 4/5/11
Nice Avatar
Sterlingmagi writes...
at 2:07:11pm on 12/22/10
oh, well congratulations!
Sterlingmagi writes...
at 10:58:20am on 12/20/10
how's that goin?
Sterlingmagi writes...
at 7:17:31pm on 12/18/10
I know, I'm just getting into some old computer games and knitting a scarf. What have you been up to?
Sterlingmagi writes...
at 4:49:37pm on 12/4/10
I feel weird that the site is back on, I've come to say "HI!!!" and I'm all over your wall... XD
Sterlingmagi writes...
at 7:26:50pm on 12/19/09
ugh! I missed you to.
animekidrah13 writes...
at 3:36:10pm on 11/25/09
wow it didnt say u were online
Sterlingmagi writes...
at 1:32:00pm on 11/25/09
I sent that last post when we were both online.
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