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This is Andrew WCY's alt account for everything ranging from tourney participation to code testing. If you would like to contact me, please send your messages to my main account instead of this one.
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Posted on: May 5, 2020, at 09:10:38am   [0 comments]
I'm Rusty Tournament (D6, all songs on rate 1.2):

At the start, songs felt doable, but by the end, my PA has evolved into some sort of meme thing that should've never existed on the face of the earth.

Songs played and their respective scores are listed below:

Round 1: Amen Iraq [3-0-1-0]
Round 2: Tiger Rag [4-0-0-0]
Round 3: Jamais Deux [13-2-2-2]
Round 4: Breakbeat Acid [31-2-2-3]
Round 5: Phi-dentity Crisis [28-3-7-6]

...and then one week's worth of scores were corrupted and never recovered. The tourney ended abruptly.