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Uploaded on October 16, 2007 at 06:25:31pm

Picture Comments

  1. I still find this pic extremely funny. xDD

  2. F3AR TEH FINGARR!~!!!!1!

  3. This pic is freakin' epic, btw. xD

  4. You're ALL SKILL

  5. TOTALLY h4444444444X!!

  6. Why is the last thing you googled "ffr"?
    Are you like my friend and take the short cut to the site? :(

  7. Roflol.
    I just got what the white thing was on your finger XD lmao.
    I'm so slow.
    btw, tis epix<3

  8. lol you crazy mofo

  9. that finger means business

  10. aaaaahahahahaha!!!

  11. Loooooool

  12. Loooooool

  13. Loooooool


  15. haha beautiful

  16. pretty FFr shirt :)

  17. i just notice u do the same thing i do google:ffr lolz
    so funny!:)

  18. lol nice

  19. HA! i luv it! XD fricken geniousness!

  20. BAHHAAHAHAHA ;your wierd

  21. Oh wow... the things you come up with <(x.X)>

  22. XDD hahahaa

  23. lol.

  24. I R HITLER Version is in Patty's gallery kai

  25. lmfao that 1 is too serios looking all skill yes indeed o.O

  26. XD

  27. lol wtf


  29. Omfg, lmfao. You have such a serious face going on tharr.

  30. XD

  31. LOL..

  32. I know..i'm going to get flamed..