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korny writes...
at 12:58:00pm on 9/9/13
The deed has been done ;)
korny writes...
at 1:58:51pm on 9/7/13
I guess we'll just see what happens. Glad to see you're around and doing well from what I can tell.
korny writes...
at 1:42:48pm on 9/7/13
Yes I know, he's the type of admin that doesn't give anything the time or day so I might have to ask the more reasonable one when he signs on.
korny writes...
at 1:02:19pm on 9/7/13
I put in a good word to the guy running this site now. He's a loose cannon so its hard to say what he'll do. But we shall see.
korny writes...
at 12:27:30pm on 9/7/13
Lol well I'm glad to see you're back you're like the only girl that was ever cool on ffr lol
korny writes...
at 12:14:51pm on 9/7/13
Well fuckk lol. I will make a "free female" thread in a bit for sure :) You DO remember me right? Cuz my feelings will be terribly hurt if not. (Not really) (but kinda) also fuck boogiebear lmao.
I don't care enough about the game anymore, but basically there are certain songs that if you aaa or get well enough scores on they contribute to your tier list. There's a thread for all the requirements somewhere. Probably in ffr general.
korny writes...
at 11:50:41am on 9/7/13
Could it be? My o2jam nerdy crush from before is actually here? Dude! How are you? I even made a shout out to you in an ffr rap just a month back about how you're the most OG ffr female player of all time whether anyone remembers you or not xD :) glad to see you're still around. I will see what I can do to pull some strings. Why were you banned in the first place? I need to know details before proving my case lol
Tim Allen writes...
at 3:29:51am on 9/6/13
lapyx ok
dragon890x writes...
at 1:59:14am on 11/11/09
omfg are you ugly?
AngelsFlight123 writes...
at 12:19:31pm on 10/11/09
hey wats up idc if yhu want to add e or not
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