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Hello...I'm Alexis or Aly. OK First of all, people out there who think I'm a slut, hor, or what ever, please don't cause I'm not that. AND please don't post anything bad or mean or I will report you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My friends call me Aly. Um.......there's not much to sayy about me. I just turned 16 abou 2 months ago and I just wanted to try out FFR since my friends were talking to me about it. :D
computer, boys, hanging out with me friends, going to the mall, sleeping, WHATEVER..... I'm just too lazy to type because I don't go on the computer that much.
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ddp writes...
at 6:33:48pm on 9/15/08
nice booty
ddp writes...
at 6:32:18pm on 9/15/08
ddp writes...
at 6:31:41pm on 9/15/08
mkitch91 writes...
at 10:42:13am on 8/26/08
wow u r really cute!
IAMSN writes...
at 12:20:39pm on 7/28/08
p-at-rick writes...
at 9:35:08pm on 7/27/08
thats true!!
its just that I'm bored and have nothing else to do
since I can't go out right now
oh and ttyl X]
p-at-rick writes...
at 9:28:58pm on 7/18/08
EJTHADJ writes...
at 6:19:03pm on 7/18/08
i was looking for nice asian girls and ihave sundenly RAN INTO YOU LOL. (jokes) whats up yo
roweagle_24 writes...
at 5:29:28pm on 7/18/08
hey wuts up
lenoff writes...
at 1:59:18pm on 7/18/08
;D welcome
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