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ULTIMEGA writes...
at 8:12:29am on 4/16/13
I'm coming after your GT and overall rank.
alchipx writes...
at 2:12:30am on 10/1/08
wow, 16 billion is rank 40? Man oh man, this site has exploded.
EAGAMES writes...
at 10:59:17am on 6/25/08
Why don't you play anymore?
EAGAMES writes...
at 10:22:42pm on 2/18/08
oshi alchipx is back!
alchipx writes...
at 1:05:28am on 1/23/08
FINALLY...got HBv2
alchipx writes...
at 4:02:26pm on 12/16/07
Got Midnight (4th try too...weird)
alchipx writes...
at 11:49:49pm on 11/20/07
Got ViennaCore!!!
alchipx writes...
at 3:54:47am on 11/20/07
finally got Zephon :)
alchipx writes...
at 12:15:02am on 11/6/07
Finally got a AAA on 65
Zageron writes...
at 10:07:11pm on 11/3/07
Hey there. I'm hosting a One Handers Tounrmanemt for the 3rd time, and we need donations badly. It's automatic for myself to target the top 50 players. :P So if your feeling nice please donate some of your credits to our competition! ^^
Fill out your PM as follows:
Title: [Advanced] Donation: Username
Body: Total credits.
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