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FFR Rank:60,444
FFR Average Rank:22,297
FFR Grandtotal Rank:53,937
FFR Grandtotal:175,707,075
FFR Games Played:1,208
Location:west valley city, Vietnam
Last Activity:08-24-2009
Member for: 11.94 years
Gaming Region:Asia
Profile Views: 1,430
Profile Votes:19
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_Areyano_ writes...
at 5:56:08pm on 12/14/10
really really cool profile setup you have....upvote!
[TeRa] writes...
at 5:56:51pm on 2/23/09
Thanks, though "FFR Overall Rank" is only based off grand total score; the higher the grand total score, the higher the rank. So essentially it only says how much you play, rather than how good you are. Such as repitle is rank 1, but I'm a better player [No offense reptile if your reading this lol, using you as an example cause your rank 1 and all that :)]
Nibia writes...
at 10:35:03pm on 1/5/09
That is me, yeah.
Nibia writes...
at 11:58:26pm on 11/7/08
Um hello..
WolfXhunter writes...
at 12:41:02pm on 9/28/08
Heh some nerve for calling me that, then adding my gf.
lovey kitty writes...
at 1:52:43am on 9/28/08
thanks for the add :3
Yes_she_can writes...
at 11:42:55am on 9/25/08
Oh thanx =)
Im gud just lots of studies lately
Its tough sometimes lol
Your from vietnam?
Excalibur35 writes...
at 7:12:48pm on 9/15/08
ahh =O
thankies <333
darkbiohazard writes...
at 7:38:19pm on 9/8/08
thx, i like that song ^^
darkbiohazard writes...
at 7:35:46pm on 9/8/08
thx for the add
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