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Vote for my profile!! :) I'm a Christian and I also play SM online, FFR, DDR, ITG, and Pump it up. I play basketball, football, soccer and i ran track. I play guitar and drums and piano. i am in a band where i play lead guitar. I love ME!!! lol PS: I'm a one handed player so I suck lol
Talk to me and find out :)
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Almost anything
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A lot
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Well, some stuff about me
Posted on: April 18, 2007, at 01:16:08am   [0 comments]
It all wouldn't fit in my about me section lol.

Well, i'm Andrew, I'm from Tennessee, I have been on the site for over a year but I am new to FFR online. I play a lot of DDR, ITG, and Pump it Up. i also play Stepmania.

www.stepmaniaonline.com is the site and my username is aajj1144 so thats where my records and stuff are.

I also have some videos of me playing and AAA some stepmania songs on my youtube account which is aajj1144 as well lol

I am also very active in my church and I am a leader in my youth group. I play guitar, bass, drums, and piano. i also play guitar in my youth groups praise and worship band..they are on myspace as well. myspace.com/joyfulnoise01

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Jj871 writes...
at 12:43:12pm on 6/23/12
WATS up XD....
Lushawnalu writes...
at 9:18:24pm on 10/23/11
I know =.=
Helicoptorials writes...
at 4:45:28pm on 2/4/09
Ahahaha, defintitely, it is interesting.
I don't go on this much much. What's your youth group like?
Helicoptorials writes...
at 4:16:16am on 1/22/09
That's so cool!
In my youth group, I'd usually say "Praise God" ahahahaha. It's a Christian one yeah? Hahaha, that's cool. Yeah, I'm in a youth group myself, and it's pretty interesting I suppose.
Life is good perhaps.
Helicoptorials writes...
at 9:43:22pm on 1/19/09
Ahh, of course, of course.
Well, hello to you.
I've been reading your profile just a little bit..
And you're a leader of a Youth Group! That's pretty impressive, it's interesting.
TC_Yuki writes...
at 10:20:00pm on 1/16/09
oh wow..
i haven't talked to u in a LONG time. =/
how have u been andrew?
Helicoptorials writes...
at 12:33:46am on 1/14/09
Thumbs up.
Nice profile you got here.
I'm Briggs.
So hello. (:
shikamarus.girl writes...
at 2:04:44pm on 4/17/08
nice profile!!!! you have mad tokens!!!!!...friends?
kwab1217 writes...
at 2:18:22pm on 4/16/08
Have u ever challenge someone before if so can you challenge.
Crmnvllnv writes...
at 1:46:25pm on 4/8/08
that is so cool if your trying to make a band is it ok that i can be in it too?
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