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well im aKumu (aXumu xD)... ofc I´m a neko-alien :3 I came to dominate this world and i will do it using the Yaoi squirrel´s power ♥ xD
Anime, Manga, yaoi >.>;... I love Morpg ♥, FFR, Smash, Pump it Up, Videogames ♥ And I´d really like to practice skydiving!!!
Fav Music:
J-rock!!! ♥ Moi Dix Mois Dir En Grey Gazette x-Japan etc ♥
Fav Movies:
all kind of movies, but i realy love the horror movies ♥♥♥
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Smash Eater \( >ºvº)>
Posted on: December 30, 2010, at 07:36:07pm   [1 comment]

waka laka \( °3°)/
Posted on: November 9, 2010, at 01:28:42am   [3 comments]

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XiuminYisus writes...
at 12:52:19am on 12/17/15
ha, no traes nada, te acabo de rebasar xD
ULTIMEGA writes...
at 5:35:37pm on 11/15/15
Congrats on 100 public AAA's! Can you get 200?
woker-X writes...
at 6:43:45pm on 11/2/15
toda hermosita. Te amo
XiuminYisus writes...
at 12:19:05am on 10/22/15
hahaha por favor no hagas que llueva o granize xD
GG_Guru writes...
at 2:43:38pm on 8/2/12
konnichiwa! nihongo ga wakarimasu ka?
woker-X writes...
at 11:55:26pm on 4/14/12
te amo
Kimmikaze writes...
at 11:50:53pm on 1/1/12
Your avatar is too cute for life.
pi-ka-chu writes...
at 8:08:55pm on 12/31/11
no problem :) and thanks
kairi50 writes...
at 2:50:16pm on 12/31/11
oh no prob :3 and thx!
woker-X writes...
at 12:00:37am on 12/31/11
gracias mi conejita hermosa <3
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